Process of Gaining a Michigan Client’s Trust

Question: Can you discuss the process of gaining a client’s trust and ultimately his or her business?

Answer: Well, I think that the client selection process—which really goes both ways—begins with the first potential phone call. And when the potential client who, in most instances, has interviewed a number of attorneys; when they call our office our goal, our belief is that they can immediately notice a significant difference in the way that they are being interviewed, really, at that point, and they’re starting to feel a difference in the way they are being treated by our firm. Now, some people are really just not going to be clients for us and that’s good for them and it’s good for us, because they are not really going to benefit from what we are offering them. So, we really have to start with making sure that it’s a good fit, both ways. And we could still take their money, but we know in the end it’s not going to be good for them and it’s not going to be good for us. So it starts with making sure that it’s a good fit. If that fit starts and it’s a good fit at the beginning, then chances are when we’re done they’re going to feel—even if they’re not completely happy with the end result because maybe they received more community service than they thought they should get, or whatever it might be—they still believe that they had a law firm, an entire team that was behind them and made an effort as much as humanly possible to get the best possible result, and it felt different for them; it felt like a supportive environment, rather than one that was actually antagonistic.

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