Recent Michigan OWI Case Wins

Question: Can you discuss some of your recent Michigan OWI case wins?

Answer: Absolutely. When it comes to winning a case, it is very difficult to conceptualize what to some people might be a win and to others is not. I have had clients that one resolution might be everything that they’re looking for, but to another person that resolution would cost them everything. With that in mind, there are many recent case wins—from saving someone’s driving license at the Secretary of State in front of a circuit court judge because the hearing officer on an implied consent violation had overstepped their bounds statutorily—all the way to winning at trial. My most recent trial win was a .15 Datamaster case during which my client did, in fact, cross the center line—nowhere near as poorly as the officer claimed—was pulled over, given a series of tests—poorly performed by the police officer—and eventually taken back to the station for a .15 Datamaster result. That case was fought out so that they brought in the top two state drunk driving officials, Class IV operators as they’re referred to here in the state of Michigan. And even with their top breath testing experts, they were unable to demonstrate to a jury that a .15 was sufficient to convict someone of drunk driving because they didn’t even understand what, in fact, their tests meant.

There are also other examples of great resolutions in regards to getting great offers to people—sometimes on the day of trial, sometimes well in advance of trial. But each individual offer is only as good as what it will provide for an individual. And although a non-alcohol offer may be perfect for some people, for other people they need more. And in each individual case, we would want to sit down and look at each penalty, each ramification of each charge so that everybody understood exactly what it was they were trying to accomplish; and then making sure they understood that even if we were able to accomplish it, is that good enough, or do we need to go one level beyond? That’s what we’re able to provide: not just getting people what they think they might want, but actually getting people the kind of results that they need to maintain their lifestyle, their livelihood and in many cases avoid jail or a lifelong criminal conviction.

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