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Building a Defense for Drug Charges in Birmingham

An experienced drug attorney can attack the evidence in their client’s case and show that the crime charged is not appropriate. This can sometimes lead to the dismissal of the case, and short of that, it could result in a less serious crime being charged. This is not really plea bargaining. Instead this “attacking of the evidence” would happen as part of motion practice, which means making written and oral arguments that explain to the judge that the prosecutor’s charge is wrong, or even that you are not guilty. Rather than negotiating with the prosecutor directly, a person is having the judge interact in a way that is positive to a client’s case.

Many of the factors that are taken into consideration in determining what the appropriate sentence should be are debatable, meaning that a Birmingham drug lawyer can convince the judge that certain factors should not apply or that they should apply differently, and should result in a much more lenient sentence. With these things in mind, the best way to build a defense for a drug charge in Birmingham is to retain the help of an experienced attorney.

Beginning a Defense

An attorney would begin their defense while advising their client to never give permission to search their home or vehicle. They should never volunteer information, try to remain silent as much as possible, and not assume that the police are actually trying to help. They should also be aware that everything they do is in furtherance of their investigation. That is why individuals need to have an attorney who can proceed on that individual’s behalf.

Avoiding a harsher sentence can sometimes also mean not talking to the police or anyone about the case without a lawyer present. A fact inadvertently and casually mentioned can have a big negative impact on the sentencing.

Finding The Right Attorney For You

When looking for an attorney to apply various defense strategies to their drug case, individuals should look primarily for an attorney with experience, who has knowledge of the system and knowledge of the law that comes within Birmingham. Aside from that, a good lawyer will have the reputation and personal relationships that can be used in such a way that can significantly benefit the client. The most valuable thing a lawyer has is their reputation. When hiring a lawyer, someone should hire someone who is respected by the court and has experience in local courts.

Additionally, a drug attorney will have relationships with many treatment centers in the area and can work with their client and the treatment center to make sure that the treatment center will accept the client as a patient or maybe adjust the fee in a way that would be beneficial to the person so that they can take advantage of the treatment. This is paramount because treatment is expensive, but can often have a very positive impact on the results of the case.