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Birmingham Student DUI Charges

Each university has its own code of conduct that will be outlined in its handbook. At most universities, a single drunk driving is not going to be wholly detrimental. However, repeated DUI conduct or a DUI in conjunction with some other criminal action could carry a formal reprimand or even expulsion in some colleges. That being said, there are certain academic and athletic programs that are much more rigorous and strenuous as far as their codes of conduct and may respond more strictly than the university.

It is important that anybody who has knowledge of a code of conduct that is particularly harsh get good Birmingham student DUI representation because they want to avoid any kind of impact on their playtime and their college career.

Informing the University

Generally, universities do not find out about criminal convictions because they are not looking for them after the student has been admitted to the school. Unless they are arrested by university police, it is likely the university would not know except for in special circumstances.

If somebody is a member of a program, such as an athlete-type program, that information could be leaked to the university by various press agencies. For the most part, standard students at any large university, as long as their conviction is not in the court of said university, it is likely that the university would never know.

Disciplinary Board

If there is a provision for handling DUIs in the college handbook, it generally involves having some kind of disciplinary board that can make a recommendation. It is very important for the student to present their side of the story in front of that board.

The goal of this is to demonstrate that the defendant was capable of making positive progression as far as taking responsibility for their actions doing education or counseling-type programs that are available regardless of the charge. Sometimes, just the charge alone may be enough for a disciplinary board to take action.

Hearing Process

Again, this is going to depend on the specific code of conduct. Each individual university has the right to develop its own special rules and procedures. They are, for the most part, government institutions so those procedures do have to afford “due process” to all parties concerned.

Some of these processes may be where the penalty comes in front, some kind of suspension, or some kind of exclusion from a program or activity, and then the hearing gives them due process. In many cases, they will have the hearing before any kind of negative demerit would take place on their record or any kind of punishment would be forthcoming.

An Attorney Can Help

A Birmingham DUI lawyer can help when dealing with student DUI charges and university discipline boards. They can offer their guidance throughout the process and be your advocate with the college.