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Birmingham Check Fraud Lawyer

Check fraud occurs when someone signs a check in someone else’s name and attempts to negotiate that check. This is considered a serious offense under Michigan law, potentially leading up to 14 years in prison. In order to fight against these penalties, anyone who believes they may be under investigation for this offense should reach out to a professional Birmingham check fraud lawyer as soon as possible for assistance. A skilled defense attorney could gather evidence, interview key witnesses, and build a strong defense strategy on your behalf. While the situation may feel overwhelming, know that you do not have to face it alone. Read on to learn more about how a qualified Birmingham check fraud lawyer could act in your best interests today.

Common Crimes

There are several crimes commonly associated with check fraud in Birmingham. Check fraud is often part of a larger scheme where an individual is attempting to obtain money or property from someone in return for a forged instrument. It is important to note that if someone acquired property through a fraudulent activity, they can be charged even if the check was never negotiated. Simply being found in possession of any forged or counterfeit checks could lead to a felony charge. For this reason, it can be imperative to retain the representation of a skilled Birmingham check fraud lawyer as soon as possible in one of these situations. Reach out to a weathered defense attorney to learn more.

Investigation Process

An individual will know if they are being investigated for check fraud if they are contacted by their bank or a law enforcement officer questioning about their recent financial history. If a check was written for an amount higher than what someone had in their bank account, they should contact a Birmingham check fraud lawyer immediately. If they are able to pay the remaining balance within 14 days, they should not be charged with a fraud accusation. Otherwise, they may receive a notice stating that they need to come to court. Until someone has retained the protection of an experienced Birmingham check fraud lawyer, they should refrain from giving the police any recorded statements regarding their transactions. It is significant to note that a defendant does not have to make any self-incriminating statements, as their words can be used against them in a court setting.

The Role of a Birmingham Check Fraud Lawyer

There are many potential benefits that come with retaining an experienced Birmingham check fraud lawyer. If the defendant is innocent, an attorney could help dismiss the issue quickly by making a presentation to the financial institution or police to satisfy them that the individual is not involved in criminal conduct. In cases of bounced checks, a party will often be satisfied if they are given their money back, and a Birmingham check fraud lawyer could potentially negotiate a deal that helps resolve the situation to everyone’s benefit. If you wish to fight against your charges, do not hesitate to reach out to a dedicated Birmingham check fraud lawyer today who can advocate on your behalf.