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Birmingham Speeding Lawyer

If the police have given you a speeding ticket, it may be in your best interest to contact a Birmingham speeding lawyer. With local experience, a skilled traffic attorney could advise you on the best strategy for dealing with your charge, as well as give counsel about ways to avoid potential infractions in the future. There are many complexities to speeding tickets and charges, so let a lawyer help clarify the differences for you today. Let an attorney fight for you today.

Different Types of Speeding Charges

There are different types of speeding offenses in Birmingham. Under the Birmingham Municipal Code and the Michigan state code, speeding is divided by the miles per hour over the speed limit posted and the type of road that is being sped upon. Depending on where the actual infraction occurs, there may be different penalties such as speeding in a residential area versus a high traffic area.

There are different penalties if construction is present in the area as well. Birmingham is a growing and thriving city where construction is common and frequent, so special consideration is given to tickets and infractions in construction zones. A speeding lawyer in Birmingham may be able to help clarify the different charges and penalties associated with a speeding ticket.

The Effects of Zoning on Speeding Charges

Zoning of a road determines how strictly someone must abide by the traffic laws and how fervently those laws are enforced. In the City of Birmingham, many areas have slower traffic. An accomplished defense lawyer will know the ins and outs of local zoning laws and may be able to help clarify where traffic and speeding infractions are most likely to occur.

There are some schools areas that police patrol heavily during the morning and afternoon to ensure the safety of children present. There are also parks throughout the area where people walk their dogs so police try their best to limit anybody traveling in a reckless manner. Additionally, there are many construction zones where traffic flow is constantly changing, which may lead to additional traffic infractions.

Traffic Stops for Speeding

A driver can be pulled over in Birmingham for going only five miles per hour over the speed limit. If there is a speed limit, a single mph over the speed limit would allow an officer to pull someone over.

There may be a little wiggle room for the defense as to the accuracy of the equipment used by the officer, but a single mile over the speed limit is still speeding. Officers may be more inclined to make a stop in certain situations or different times of the day depending on their workload and other factors occurring simultaneously.

Officers may also increase their rate of traffic stops if they have reason to believe it is likely that people have been drinking. These stops might lead to a much larger civil infraction or even criminal charges depending on the amounts of tickets that they write.

Contact a Birmingham Speeding Attorney Today

A speeding ticket could lead to long-term consequences. Call a Birmingham speeding lawyer to get started on your case today. A successful defense is time-sensitive, so there is not a moment to lose. Let an experienced defense attorney advocate for you and help you understand your legal options.