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Contesting Birmingham Speeding Tickets

Speeding tickets happen, but they do not always need to have a lasting effect. There are many ways of contesting Birmingham speeding tickets, and a dedicated lawyer may be able to help build a defense for your case or act as your agent in court. Reach out to a seasoned speeding defense attorney today.

How Law Enforcement Catches Speeding

There are many tools and tactics Birmingham law enforcement officers use to tell if a person is speeding. Generally, Birmingham City police officers use stationary radar. Occasionally, they use moving radar while operating various vehicles, but they tend to sit stationary and use the radar system of their vehicle at entry and exit points to the city. They often tend to sit off Woodward Avenue to use stationary radar.

There are times in which officers use their familiarity with Birmingham and their visual acumen and make allegations of speeding. They may sometimes confirm this with radar, but there are other times they just rely on experience. Sometimes officers may use a pacing method from their vehicle if they do not have their radar on at that time. This is based on whether or not the officer’s cruiser is operating at the speed limit behind the person.

Contesting a Speeding Claim

A driver might contest an officer’s claim if they were not driving as fast as they were accused of. It is imperative to note is that regardless of whether a person feels they might have been speeding, that does not mean they automatically must accept what the officer says. There are many times the officer may be incorrect, with poorly maintained equipment, improperly focusing on a different vehicle, and being just wrong in their interpretation of the radar’s data.

An attorney could check potential defenses and advocate that the charges should not stick, regardless of guilt. Often, there is a resolution to whatever they are accused of, even if attorneys are not able to prove conclusively that the officer did not see what they allege. Sometimes there are ways of contesting Birmingham speeding tickets based on state law and local zoning around the area.

When a Court Appearance is Necessary

In some circumstances, drivers must show up to court for a speeding ticket. Generally, in the 48th District court, a driver does not need to show up for a speeding ticket. Speeding tickets are civil infractions, not criminal offenses. Because of that, an experienced criminal attorney could act as an agent, allowing the defendant to maintain their normal work schedule.

The attorney could appear in their stead and negotiate a resolution. However, in some cases in which speeding becomes aggravated or there are other tickets with the speeding arrest or detention, they may be required to show up. Even if a defendant does not show up, they likely have the ability to pay the ticket or reach a resolution within a specific timeframe. The defendant must make arrangements to pay their fine or otherwise fight the ticket in court.

Contact a Birmingham Lawyer About Contesting Speeding Tickets

If you were charged with driving over the speed limit, a dedicated traffic lawyer may be able to help you in contesting Birmingham speeding tickets. Call an attorney today to schedule a consultation about your case, and work on your defense.