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How a Birmingham Speeding Attorney Could Help

After receiving a speeding ticket, you need to act quickly to avoid defaulting on the ticket. If the fine is not paid or a court appearance is not scheduled, your license may be suspended and additional fines assessed. If you have been giving a speeding ticket, your first action should be to a seasoned defense attorney. Fighting your charges to mitigate penalties is just one way how a Birmingham speeding attorney could help you continue with your life in the wake of a ticket.

Birmingham, Michigan Speeding Ticket Basics

Speeding tickets are usually issued by police officers during a traffic stop after a driver exceeds the posted speed limit, but sometimes from a county clerk if the offense was from a speeding camera. If it is an appearance ticket, you only have a limited timeframe to either pay the ticket’s fine or contest the ticket in court. It is essential to act quickly after receiving any ticket so your attorney is able to schedule a hearing to meet with the prosecutor. Remember, if you pay the ticket, the infraction will be resolved but you forfeit your right to negotiate or contest the charge or points on your license.

Common fines for speeding in Birmingham can cost several hundred dollars. The penalty may also include a referral to the secretary of state, points placed on the Michigan drivers license, as well as increased insurance premiums. In some cases, a simple speeding ticket could lead to a license suspension or revocation and it may be difficult to get a license reinstated.

Ways a Traffic Lawyer Could Help a Speeding Case

It is important to understand all potential ramifications of a speeding ticket and hire a knowledgeable defense attorney to prevent errors. An attorney can assist the ticketed party by appearing in court on their behalf, meaning that the defendant may not even need to take off time from work to resolve their case in court. Additionally, an attorney can talk with the prosecutor to try to work out a resolution that benefits everyone by potentially mitigating consequences for the defendant and saving on court costs for the state.

Even if the defendant feels that they may have actually committed the infraction the officer witnessed, they may not have to take full responsibility for that infraction. Working with an attorney may prevent impacts on insurance rates and other penalties for a driver.

One of the major things to look for when choosing an attorney is a lawyer with extensive experience in the field. Dealing with a court is a very unfamiliar process for most people because of their lack of knowledge which may lead to mistakes handling speeding issues. Making the wrong decision could have permanent effects on a driving record irrevocably, but making these strategic decisions is another way how a Birmingham speeding attorney could help.

Common Penalties and How an Attorney Could Help

Speeding in Birmingham is a civil infraction which usually comes with a fine. Drivers may also have points assessed on their license and depending on any prior traffic violations, they may have their license revoked or suspended. One thing is almost certain, after a speeding violation, a driver’s insurance premium will rise.

Depending on the speed and the location of the ticket, this rise in cost might be substantial. Accepting a speeding ticket charge could have long term effects on your driving record and life. How a Birmingham speeding attorney could help depends on the specifics of your case, but a dedicated attorney could provide legal counsel, defend you in traffic court, and potentially mitigate consequences. Excellence in criminal defense only comes with experience, so call a criminal defense lawyer today for a consultation.