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Bloomfield Hills Embezzlement Lawyer 

Embezzlement is a form of theft in which the penalties are very severe. Even when an item is stolen by simple theft and has an identical value, the penalty for embezzlement is greater because the property owner placed trust in the defendant prior to the theft. The lowest conviction of embezzlement may carry jail time and the most serious conviction can result in a prison sentence of 20 years and heavy fines.

A Bloomfield Hills embezzlement lawyer could help those who are facing embezzlement charges. A skilled attorney can work with defendants to understand their side of the story, form an effective defense, and put that defense into action in the courtroom.

What are Embezzlement Laws in Bloomfield Hills?

Embezzlement differs from other forms of theft. Any person can be guilty of stealing from another regardless of the relationship between the two parties. However, embezzlement only applies when the alleged thief has legal possession of the owner’s property prior to the theft.

Due to the relationship of trust, embezzlement charges are often the result of a simple misunderstanding or a failure of the parties to properly communicate. Also, when a trust relationship begins to break down, the person who claims their property was stolen may be trying to gain a legal advantage in a civil lawsuit. This might happen between and among business partners or high-level executives at a distress corporation.

This commonly occurs when:

  • A bank teller takes a customer’s money and does not deposit it into an account
  • A cashier does not drop payments from customers into the register and places it in their own pocket
  • An insurance broker takes money earmarked for an annuity and redirects it into their own account
  • A store employee is authorized to deposit money into the bank for the company but fails to do so

Michigan Compiled Law §750.174 defines embezzlement as when a servant, employee, or agent who is trusted with the possession of another’s property disposes of that property without the owner’s consent. This can include the destruction of the property or the taking of it for their own use. Embezzlement does not need to involve money; any type of property can be embezzled.

What is the Punishment for Embezzlement?

Embezzlement can range in severity from a minor offense to a high-level felony. There are six separate levels of potential punishment. At the lowest level, embezzlement is punishable by a maximum of 93 days in jail, a fine of up to $600, or both. This is a misdemeanor charge and applies only when the value of the item taken is less than $200.

However, there are factors that can make embezzlement more serious. These include:

  • The value of the item: as the value of the embezzled items increases, so do the potential penalties
  • The identity of the property owner, especially if the embezzlement is from senior citizens, charitable organizations, or a vulnerable adult
  • If the defendant has any prior convictions for any theft-related crime
  • The identity of the defendant, especially if they are public servants, administrators or guardians of estates, and bank workers

The penalties for an embezzlement conviction can range from minor misdemeanors to severe felonies. As such, a Bloomfield Hills embezzlement lawyer could help people understand the details of their charge and the potential penalties.

Talk to a Bloomfield Hills Embezzlement Attorney Today

Embezzlement is a specialized form of theft that can carry harsh penalties. Since a person was in a position of trust with another’s property, the State considers these thefts especially egregious. People facing embezzlement charges should take every possible step to protect themselves against severe legal consequences.

Hiring a Bloomfield Hills embezzlement lawyer may provide you a powerful advantage when appealing your case. Attorneys can work with you to represent your interests in court, refute the prosecutor’s case, and present an alternative version of the alleged embezzlement to a jury. Contact an embezzlement attorney today to schedule an appointment.