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Bloomfield Hills Solicitation Lawyer

Demanding, encouraging, or requesting another person to commit a criminal act is known as solicitation. It is most commonly associated with prostitution, but in reality, individuals can be charged with soliciting another person to commit a wide variety of illegal acts.

With the help of a Bloomfield Hills solicitation lawyer, you can improve your chances of having your charges reduced or dismissed completely. Solicitation is a very serious crime, and if you are convicted, your entire life can change for the worse. Contact an experienced criminal attorney immediately about your case.

Common Defense Strategies

During the trial, a Bloomfield Hills solicitation lawyer will usually attempt to defend their client. Defense attorneys use a wide variety of tactics to challenge the argument of prosecutors, but in cases where solicitation is involved, defense attorneys often attempt to make the following arguments:

  • The defendant did not commit the act at all
  • The defendant did not have any criminal intent
  • The defendant did not offer to compensate another individual for committing a criminal act
  • The other person acted on their own accord

If any of the conditions above can be proven, the court may choose to dismiss or reduce the charges. The outcome of the trial often depends on the nature of the act in question. For example, an individual who attempts to get another person to commit armed robbery will face more difficulties than an individual who attempts to get another person to engage in prostitution.

Proving Solicitation

When a person is charged with solicitation, the prosecutor must prove that two conditions are met. They must prove the defendant coerced or forced another person to commit a criminal act. They must prove the defendant intended to engage in the criminal act with the other person. In some cases, it is not necessary for a person to receive a full request (written or verbal) from the defendant. Someone can be charged with solicitation for making implications. For this reason, individuals who have been charged with the crime should contact a Bloomfield Hills solicitation lawyer immediately.

Prostitution and Solicitation

Prostitution is illegal in 49 states (Michigan included), and it often goes hand-in-hand with solicitation charges. In Michigan, a person can be charged with prostitution if they perform sex acts in exchange for money. Conversely, someone can be charged with solicitation if they attempt to pay another person to commit sex acts.

Prostitution and solicitation are covered in the Michigan Penal Code, and the code also prohibits individuals from recruiting prostitutes. According to the code, individuals charged with solicitation can face up to 93 days in jail, a $500 fine, post-release supervision, and/or community service

After a third solicitation conviction, individuals will face felony charges. Individuals with prior convictions will also be sentenced more harshly, and if the person who as allegedly solicited is a minor, the convicted individual will be forced to register as a sex offender.

If you have been charged with solicitation, a Bloomfield Hills solicitation lawyer from may be able to help. Solicitation charges can be serious, and without an experienced attorney to turn to, you could end up being convicted.