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Bloomfield Hills Student Defense Lawyer

College is an exciting time of learning and new discovery. It is also a risky time for many with newfound independence, tough decisions, and unexpected risks. Some students will end up in a legal conflict at some point during their college career. Most of these conflicts will be resolved at the campus level, but some may involve city, state, or even federal authorities.

In the best-case scenarios, these conflicts will result in an important lesson learned on the path to adult life. In the worst cases, they can end college careers and permanently impact lives. With 42 colleges within 50 miles, including Wayne State and University of Michigan, there are plenty of students in the Bloomfield Hills area.

When a student runs into trouble with the law, they need the advice and guidance of a Bloomfield Hills student defense lawyer. A skilled criminal attorney can help them understand the situation and make the best decisions about how to proceed.

Common Types of Student Misconduct Claims

Some of the more common claims students might encounter and need legal support for during college are:

  • Traffic offenses
  • Drunk and disorderly behavior (on or off campus)
  • Possession of banned substances
  • Receipt of illegal substances through interstate commerce (mail and courier services)
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Assault
  • School code violations related to plagiarism and cheating

What Special Circumstances do People Experience?

Many of these can be handled at the level of the school disciplinary system. However, Bloomfield Hills student defense lawyers have seen that others might involve local, state, or federal court systems – or a combination of all. While all students must comply with applicable school and government laws and regulations to avoid legal conflict, certain categories of students face unique circumstances, including non-US citizens and student-athletes.

Students studying in the United States on a student visa may risk revocation of visa status, or even deportation if convicted of a crime while attending school. Student-athletes often face both heightened scrutiny and heightened exposure to potentially risky situations, coupled with star treatment that may affect their judgment and the amount of attention they may face in the event of an accusation.

Consequences of Student Conviction

Too often, a criminal or disciplinary proceeding for a college student begins with a momentary lapse in judgment, often prompted by inexperience or peer pressure. However, these fleeting decisions made in a moment are often regretted forever. A criminal conviction in college can mean:

  • Expulsion or suspension
  • A marred permanent record
  • Loss of eligibility for graduate school
  • Denial of employment
  • Lost eligibility for professional licenses or elective office

How a Bloomfield Hills Student Defense Attorney Can Help

An allegation of conduct that violates the law is nothing to take lightly, in college, or at any other time. If you are a student accused of misconduct, contact a Bloomfield Hills student defense lawyer who can review the details of your situation, evaluate your legal options and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision which addresses both legal and educational issues. An attorney can help explain how they relate to your school’s code of conduct and penalties in relation to legal options. In the event of a conviction, your attorney may also be able to help with a strategy for expungement to eventually get your record clean.