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Career Opportunities With The Barone Defense Firm

After our client’s lives have been disrupted by an intoxicated driving arrest, our client’s thank us because we’ve helped them win back their lives by helping them regain their dignity, their freedom and their control. Tenacious adherence to this mission statement has allowed the Barone Defense Firm to grow as one of the top rated law Firms in Michigan.

When you work at the Barone Defense Firm, you join an “elite” team of incredible professionals. When we say “elite” we refer to the values of our Firm. Elite is the acronym we use for our Firm values: Empathy, Learning, Ingenuity, and Trust. As members of an elite team we are capable of accomplishing amazing things for our clients so they can live better. It’s all part of our unique career experience, and part of why the Barone Defense Firm has developed a reputation not only for excellence in law, but also as a great place to work!

Here at the Firm we exclusively represent Michigan citizens accused of intoxicated driving offenses. As a member of the Barone Defense Firm team you will be in an environment that allows you to grow personally and professionally. An environment where you can expand on your ideas and the ideas of other team members. And, you will be in a place where your growth potential is constantly challenged.

While working together with clients and staff members you will help address the incredible emotional pressures inflicted by substance abuse and by the collateral impacts of DUI arrests and convictions. This will allow you to grow individually – as a person – and to become a better mother or father, husband or wife, brother, sister son, daughter leader, mentor or confidant, all because your understanding of humanity and empathy for the human condition and its limitations improves with each new client you touch in the same way.

At the Barone Defense Firm you belong to a successful team of professionals who believe in the company mission and aspire to expand our message and business throughout the State of Michigan. Since its founding, the Barone Defense Firm has the strongest nucleus of staff members who trust and aide one another. This in turn has led to widespread professional growth and happiness for the members and their families.