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Bloomfield Hills DUI Dismissed!

Charge: DUI Dismissed
Court: Bloomfield

This case was the subject of an extensive blog addressing exactly what happened leading up to the dismissal of this 48th District Court drunk driving case.  As criminal defense lawyers who actually try these case-wins will tell you, wonderful things can happen when you answer... Read More

People v C.M.

Court: 55th District – Mason
Charge: OWI, Leaving Scene of Property Damage Accident (PDA)

Officer dispatched to possible hit and run accident, where fire hydrant was found to be knocked over and car was left at the scene.  Police arrived at registered owners home where she was found to be intoxicated.  Client admitted to drinking wine earlier.  A PBT... Read More

People vs. BJW

Court: DLAD – Port Huron
Hearing Officer Modelski

The client was arrested for OUIL and since he refused the breath test, was also charged with an implied consent violation. After meeting with the client, we immediately filed an appeal of the implied consent matter, thereby demanding a hearing with the Secretary of State’s... Read More