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Michigan Case Wins

DUI Reduced to Allowing DUI

By working hard to prepare our defense, and then answering “ready for trial” when the prosecutor failed to offer a meaningful reduction, we were able to push the prosecutor into offering an excellent negotiated plea bargain that saved our client his driver’s license, his job,... Read More

Michigan DUI Mistrial Leads to Reckless Driving Saving CDL for Trucker

Michigan Commercial Driving License (CDL) holders face severe and potentially career ending driving sanctions when convicted of DUI. In part this is because a Michigan DUI conviction results in a 1-year hard suspension of the CDL. A hard suspension means no driving, no restrictions, no... Read More

Michigan DUI with .12 Breath Test Set for Trial Later Reduced to Reckless Saving Client One Year License Suspension

In this case our client was a young financial professional who had been arrested while visiting in Michigan. He was just starting out in his career and lived and worked out of State, specifically, Illinois. He had contacted several law firms and attorneys but based... Read More

Second Domestic Violence Charge Dismissed

In this case our client was charged with a domestic violence and had a prior offense, making this new case his second one. Although the prosecutor did not originally charge this as a second offense, he had legal grounds to do so. Michigan law would... Read More

Second Offense Domestic Violence Charge Significantly Reduced

In this case our client has been previously charged with domestic violence where he was represented by a different law firm who “plead him out” under the deferral statute. Due to the nature of the offense, Michigan’s law makers created a deferral specifically applicable to... Read More

Domestic Violence Case Dismissed

The charge of domestic violence in Michigan requires an ongoing relationship between the parties, usually something like a dating relationship or a marriage or family relationship.  This case involved a husband and a wife, and we were retained after the husband had been charged with... Read More

Prison Sentence on Criminal Sexual Conduct and Child Porn Case Drastically Reduced

In this case our client was facing 7 separate and very serious felonies. These included Ciminal Sexual Conduct in the 1st Degree (25 to Life), CSC 3rd Degree (15 years), Unlawful Imprisonment (15 years), Child Sexually Abusive Material (CSAM)(20 year), Use of Computer to Commit... Read More

Domestic Violence Charges Dismissed

Our client was charged with domestic violence, which is a specialized form of assault and battery.  As defined in Michigan Compiled Laws 750.81, domestic violence is an assault and battery against someone with an intimate relationship. In this case, our client was very concerned about... Read More

Felony Criminal Sexual Conduct CSC Charges Dropped.

In this case, our client was initially charged with 3 counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC) 3rd degree pursuant to Michigan Complied Laws Section 750.520d. The "victim’s" mother contacted the police to initiate the investigation and seek the felony charges.  The mother's allegations in this... Read More

2nd and 4th Degree Criminal Sexual Conducted Charges Dropped.

In this case our client was being investigated by for both a Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC) 2nd Degree and CSC 4th Degree. The "victims" were two minor sons of their mother's boyfriend.  The mother and our client were in the midst of a difficult and... Read More

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