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2nd and 4th Degree Criminal Sexual Conducted Charges Dropped.

In this case our client was being investigated by for both a Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC) 2nd Degree and CSC 4th Degree. The “victims” were two minor sons of their mother’s boyfriend.  The mother and our client were in the midst of a difficult and contentious divorce. After much research, the client decided to retain the Barone Defense Firm, and specifically attorney Michael Boyle.  He did so because he had just been contacted by a State Trooper from the Michigan State Police, was scared, and knew he needed help and protection.

Michael Boyle immediately contacted the head Detective and told him, in no uncertain terms, to forthwith cease and desist from any further contact with our new client. Mr. Boyle next required all future communications between the police and our client to only be conducted through the law firm and only with our permission.

Mr. Boyle also collected from our client and a friend, dozens of messages, communications, and photographs.  All of this evidence was collected from a time period before, during, and after the criminal sexual conduct was alleged by the mother to have occurred. Mr. Boyle carefully reviewed all of this evidence, and discussed it extensively with the client so that he was certain he understood everything.

After his initial review of the discovery with our client, Mr. Boyle proceeded to recreate the scene of the alleged incident.  This included, among other things, taking measurements and photographs and making drawings of the scene. Much of this investigation was informed by Mr. Boyle’s unique skills learned in part through his participation with the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyer’s College.

Once his independent investigation was complete, Mr. Boyle presented his findings to law enforcement.  As a result of his persuasive ability Mr. Boyle was able to demonstrate to the officers and Troopers involved in the investigation that they could not successfully prosecute our client.  Consequently, no charges were ever authorized against our client, who thereafter, could once again sleep soundly at night.