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Kent County Felony Heroin Possession Case Dismissed

Charge: Possession of Heroin
Court: Kent County

A client was charged with Possession of Heroin, pursuant to Michigan Complied Laws 333.7403, a 4-year Felony. In addition, he was charged with 2nd or Subsequent offense, which doubles it to an 8-year possible sentence, and as a Habitual Offender, which allows for one and one-half times the maximum sentence. Through the Discovery process and negotiations, we were able to Dismiss the Felony, the 2nd offense, and the habitual and plea to a Misdemeanor Use of Controlled Substance and a sentence of time served.

In addition, due to the relationships Mr. Boyle and the Barone Defense Firm have developed with Grand Rapids area treatment centers, we were able to get a client into a treatment center at no additional expense to client or client’s family.