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Michigan Case Wins

Secretary of State vs. G.B.

Charge: Implied Consent Violation
Court: DLAD in Flint, Hearing Officer Kronk

Our client was stopped after speeding and driving erratically. He was arrested for OWI after failing the field sobriety tests and when he refused to take the breath test was charged also with a civil implied consent violation. At the implied consent hearing, our client... Read More

Oakland County Sentence on Drunk Driving Causing Serious Injury and Death Substantially Reduced

The client worked in Auburn Hills and had gone home for lunch. She drank several mixed drinks at home, then headed back to work. It had snowed that morning, and as she went over the overpass of Opdyke at M-59, she lost control of her... Read More

City of Roseville vs. M.L.

Charge: Drunk driving
Court: Court Roseville Michigan

Client was pulled over by a City of Roseville Police Officer after being observed swerving between lanes of traffic. The police report indicated a strong odor of intoxicants and blood shot eyes. The Police Officer asked the client to perform field sobriety tests, including walking... Read More

People v R.P.

Court: 70th District – Saginaw
Charge: OWI

Officer observed Truck fail to stop at intersection, and then swerve towards fog line and then centerline prior to making the traffic stop.  Officer detected odor of alcohol and client admitted to drinking.  Client failed 4 FSTs conducted by the officer and refused to take... Read More

People v M.K.

Court: 6th District – Detroit
Charge:   OWI

Officer made traffic stop on client for allegedly crossing center line and speeding.  Client performed well on FSTs.  Client was arrested and subsequent DataMaster resulted in a .10 and .09.  Because client was a pending law school student a Special Petition to Wayne County Prosecutors... Read More

People v K.S.

Court: 54A District – East Lansing
Charge: OWI (2nd)

Client was stopped for failure to stop at stop sign.  Officer detected an odor of alcohol and an empty wine bottle in the back seat and requested client to perform FST’s.  Officer administered 5 FSTs and according National Highway Traffic Safety Administration scoring system client... Read More

People v M.M.

Court:  67-4th  District – Flushing
Charge: OWI

Officer made traffic stop after observing client make a turn “at a high rate of speed”.  Officer claimed that client had odor of alcohol, slurred speech, slumped against the door, and bloodshot eyes.  The officer conducted 5 field tests, however, none were Standardized Field Sobriety... Read More

People v C.M.

Court: 55th District – Mason
Charge: OWI, Leaving Scene of Property Damage Accident (PDA)

Officer dispatched to possible hit and run accident, where fire hydrant was found to be knocked over and car was left at the scene.  Police arrived at registered owners home where she was found to be intoxicated.  Client admitted to drinking wine earlier.  A PBT... Read More

People v J.M.

Court: 12th District – Jackson
Charge:  OWI


Client was stopped for crossing dividing line several times and speeding.  Client did not perform well on FST’s, but Officer did not comply with Standard Testing Procedures according to NHTSA.  Client was arrested for OWI and subsequent DataMaster test resulted in two .16 and .16. ... Read More

People v R.B.

Court: 60th District – Muskegon
Charge: Careless Driving

Officers arrived to scene of property damage accident.  Client and friend were in car that was hit after a truck failed to stop at Stop sign.  After hour long investigation of the crash, having cars towed, and getting statements from all witnesses, client was investigated... Read More