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Michigan Case Wins

People v D.R.

Court: 56A District – Charlotte
Charge: Careless Driving

Officer made traffic stop after allegedly observing client speeding (80 mph in a 45 mph zone) on motorcycle.  Client admitted to consuming three beers earlier in the evening.  Officer conducted 4 tests, which client passed 3 under the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration standardized scoring... Read More

People v N.K.

Court: 64A District – Ionia
Charge: OWI

Officer made traffic stop after observing truck almost hit curb, then cross over center line, then back to curb before rolling through flashing red light.  Client had slurred speech, glassy eyes, had to use truck for balance, and strong odor of intoxicants.  Client stated, “not... Read More

People v J.H.

Court: 75th District – Midland
Charge: OWI, PBT Refusal

Officer made traffic stop after client made a left turn in a no-turn intersection.  Officer claimed client failed HGN and Walk & Turn, but passed the One-Legged Stand.  The PBT was refused, and subsequent DataMaster resulted in a .08 and an “invalid sample”. Review of... Read More

People v M.B.

Court: 15th District – Ann Arbor
Charge: Reckless Driving

Police were dispatched for a possible drunk driver. Officers arrived in the parking lot of client’s apartment complex just as she parked her car.  Client failed FST’s, had an odor of alcohol, and open container was located in the vehicle.  A PBT resulted in a... Read More

People v D.N.

Court: 53rd District – Brighton
Charge: Not Guilty          

Client was arrested for OWI after officer found him sleeping in his truck, with the engine running, in a public parking lot.  Client did poorly on field tests, submitted to a PBT (.22), and was arrested.  At the station, client submitted to DataMaster test and... Read More

State of Michigan vs. K.G.

Court: 14B District Court – Washtenaw County
Charge: OUIL 2nd

The arresting officer testified at trial that while on routine patrol the officer observed the client’s vehicle traveling 69 in a 55 mph zone. The officer followed the subject vehicle, and then observed it driving on the dotted line between two lanes of traffic. The... Read More

City of Ypsilanti vs. L. L.

Court: 14A2 District Court
Charge: OUIL / UBAL 1st

The client was stopped for going through a flashing red light without stopping, and for pulling straight out of a parking lot, again without stopping first. Upon contact with the driver, the officer noted a strong odor of intoxicants, and that the driver's eyes were... Read More

People vs. M.J.S.

Court: 34th District Court – Romulus

Client was pulled over in Romulus for speeding, and for swerving/weaving within lane, and crossing the yellow line twice. The vehicle also "did not use its turn signal when changing lanes". The officer approached the driver, and could smell the odor of intoxicants. The driver... Read More

People vs N.T.

Court: 32B District – Grosse Pointe
Charge: OWI, PBT refusal, Implied Consent Violation

Client was stopped after officer claimed to observe car cross centerline, almost hit back of city bus, change lanes without signaling, and fail to maintain lane of travel.  Officer conducted FSTs including Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN), One Legged Stand, and Walk and Turn, and testified... Read More

State of Michigan vs. A. V.

Court: 39th Judicial District Court
Charge: Drunk driving

(From the client's perspective)  I contacted Mr. Patrick Barone after being arrested for my third drunk driving offense within seven years. The third charge carried a felony conviction and my concern prompted me to find the best defense attorney I could find. Previously, I had... Read More