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Michigan Case Wins

Bloomfield Township vs. C.H.

Court: 48th District Court, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
Charge: DUI

This was a trial involving two blood test results of .096 and .099, or adjusted to the time of driving, approximately .11. The roadside breath test result was .16. The facts, as testified to by the various prosecution witnesses, were as follows: The first witness... Read More

People vs. M.D.

Court: 37th District Court
Charge: OUIL

Client’s vehicle was observed by the arresting officer to be traveling at a "high rate of speed" (clocked at 100 mph). The vehicle did not slow down when the officer turned his lights on, and continued driving even after the siren was activated. The vehicle... Read More

People vs. A. D.

Court: 41A District Court – Shelby Twp.
Charge: Careless driving 

While traveling west on Hall road, the deputy observed our client's vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed. The vehicle changed lanes, then accelerated to about 70 mph, and applied its brakes quickly to avoid hitting the vehicle ahead. Our client's vehicle then stopped... Read More

People of the State of Michigan vs. R.S.

Charge: OWI 

This was a jury trial.  When the prosecuting attorney was asking the questions, the arresting officer testified that he observed our Client leaving a bar parking lot (Shark's Club) and cross over the lane marker twice.  When following behind our client, the officer testified that... Read More

People of the State of Michigan vs. K.G.

Court: 14B District Court – Ypsilanti Visiting Judge
Charge: OUIL

This Client was stopped on a freeway in Washtenaw County for speeding, (69 in a 55 mph zone), but while the arresting office was behind and following him, the driver was observed driving on the dotted white line. It was at this point that the... Read More

People vs. G.F.

Court: DLAD Southfield
Charge: DUI

G.F. was stopped for traveling well in excess of the posted speed limit (65 in a 40mph zone). Once the reporting officer activated his signal to stop, the driver took a long time to respond and pull over. Upon contact, the driver was unable to... Read More

State of Michigan vs. T. B

Court: 1st District Court Monroe, Michigan
Charge: OUIL

Client stopped for improper lane usage and failure to signal. Police officer had observed client braking sporadically, weaving in the lane, and crossing over the fog line three times.  Client admitted to drinking "3 tall beers" half hour prior to arrest. During the alphabet, client... Read More

In the Matter of: E. M.

Court: DLAD Southfield
Case: Implied Consent Appeal

The police report in this case indicated that the driver was observed "slumped over the steering wheel blocking a moving lane of traffic. The officer knocked on the window to awaken the driver, and an open 12 oz. can of Bud light beer was observed... Read More

Secretary of State vs G.B.

Court: DLAD in Flint 
Charge: Drink and drive

The Client in this case had refused to take the breath test, and was therefore charged with the civil implied consent violation. Our office demanded a hearing which was held at the Driver License Appeal Division of the Secretary of State located in Flint Michigan.... Read More

People vs. S. B DLAD

Charge: DLAD – Implied Consent Violation
Court: H.O. Modelski

This client refused to take the evidentiary breath test, and was therefore charged with a violation of Michigan’s Implied Consent Law.  At the appeal hearing for this violation, the Trooper testified that the subject was observed “speeding” on Big Beaver Road in the City of... Read More

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