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Michigan Case Wins

State of Michigan vs. B.W.

Charges: Two Separate OUIL Charges
Court: 42nd District Court New Baltimore, Michigan

The client was arrested for OUIL on March 10 and again on May 8 of the same year in the same jurisdiction. In both instances, his vehicle had been observed crossing the centerline and during both stops, the client had difficulty with the field sobriety... Read More

City of Auburn Hills vs. B.P.

Charge: OUIL 2nd Offense
Court: 52-3 District Court, Rochester

The client was pulled over after police observed his vehicle crossing the white line multiple times on the interstate. The officer stated that his eyes were bloodshot, his speech was slurred and that he had trouble with his balance. The client failed all but one... Read More

People vs. M.J.B.

Charge: Implied Consent Violation
Court: DLAD Hearing in Southfield, Hearing Officer Merian

The client was arrested for OUIL after police stopped him for speeding, traveling eastbound in a northbound lane and crossing the center line. He refused the breath test and was also charged with a civil implied consent violation. We immediately filed an appeal of the... Read More

State of Michigan vs. S.W.

Charge: Felony OUIL, 3rd Offense
Court: 52-2 District Court, Clarkston

Police pulled the client over after he left a bar. The client admitted to drinking and did not perform well on the field sobriety tests. He was charged with OWIL and released. A felony warrant was then issued because officers believed he had two prior... Read More

Secretary of State vs. G.B.

Charge: Implied Consent Violation
Court: DLAD in Flint, Hearing Officer Kronk

Our client was stopped after speeding and driving erratically. He was arrested for OWI after failing the field sobriety tests and when he refused to take the breath test was charged also with a civil implied consent violation. At the implied consent hearing, our client... Read More