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People v C.M.

Court: 55th District – Mason
Charge: OWI, Leaving Scene of Property Damage Accident (PDA)

Officer dispatched to possible hit and run accident, where fire hydrant was found to be knocked over and car was left at the scene.  Police arrived at registered owners home where she was found to be intoxicated.  Client admitted to drinking wine earlier.  A PBT resulted in a .101 reading.  She was arrested and DataMaster resulted in a .08 and .08.  Thorough review of DataMaster simulator logs resulted in finding several deviations from the Administrative Rules regarding breath testing.  A jury was picked and a trial date was scheduled.  The morning of Trial prior to Opening Statements, prosecutor dismissed OWI and leaving the scene of PDA, and client pled Responsible to Careless Driving.

Result: Careless Driving, OWI and Leaving the Scene of PDA were dismissed.