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Second Offense High BAC Case Dismissed!

Charge: Second Offense High BAC Case
Court: 48th District Court

In this case, the police were responding to a BOL (be on the lookout) for a car that had just been in an accident.  The police arrived at the area where they thought they would find the responsible driver, and eventually our client was pulled over.  The police based their stop or our client solely on the BOL, and did not observe any other bad driving or traffic violations.  This 48th District Court Judge Small case was handled by Barone Defense Firm attorney Ryan Ramsayer.  After reviewing the file, and scheduling the case for trial, Mr. Ramsayer filed a motion to dismiss based on an unlawful stop.  At the conclusion of the hearing, Judge Small agreed that the stop was Unconstitutional, and dismissed the case!  For more details on exactly how Mr. Ramsayer accomplished this fantastic result, read:

Ramsayer Gets Second Offense High Breath Test Drunk Driving Case Dismissed in Bloomfield Hills 48th District Court!