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Clarkston Drug Lawyer

Clarkston law enforcement takes criminal drug offenses extremely seriously. If you sustain a drug conviction, you could be faced with high monetary fines and long periods of incarceration, not to mention harm to your professional and personal reputations.

If you are facing serious drug charges, it could be important that you seek legal representation from a qualified criminal defense attorney as early in the process as possible. A Clarkston drug lawyer can fight for your rights, identify weaknesses in the prosecution’s case, and help you pursue a positive outcome.

Types of Drug Charges in Clarkston

Depending on the circumstances, the State of Michigan may charge an individual with possessing a certain drug or with possessing that drug with an intent to distribute. For the latter charge to apply, the accused must have an amount of drugs in their possession sufficient to establish that they intended to sell or distribute those drugs.

If the accused does not have the drugs in their immediate possession but maintains some degree of control over them, they could still face a drug possession charge. More specific drug charges that are common in Clarkston include the following:

  • Drug sale and distribution
  • Possession of cocaine, ecstasy, and heroin
  • Manufacture and cultivation of illegal drugs
  • Drug trafficking and distribution
  • Possessing methamphetamines with the intention of selling or distributing them
  • Possession or sale of drug paraphernalia
  • Illegally transporting drugs
  • Illegally possessing or distributing prescription drugs

The legal elements of these drug offenses vary significantly, as do the potential penalties upon conviction. It may be important to have a Clarkston drug attorney investigate the circumstances surrounding your charge, as comprehensive research can be critical to effective criminal defense.

Defending Against a Drug Charge

By formulating a strong legal defense to a drug charge, a drug lawyer in Clarkston can combat the prosecution’s assertions that the defendant committed a crime. In certain cases, for example, a defense attorney could allege that the accused was not aware of the presence of drugs in the home or vehicle where the police recovered them.

In other scenarios, a defense lawyer can contend that the police or investigators violated the accused’s Fourth Amendment right against unlawful searches and seizures. Another potential strategy may be to call on the Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination. A skilled defense attorney can also cast doubt on the State’s laboratory tests that purport to confirm the identity of the drug. Once retained, seasoned legal counsel can work to find the best options when investigating a drug case and formulate a through defense strategy.

Call a Clarkston Drug Attorney Today

The stakes are often high in a drug-related criminal case, and a lot can be on the line for those accused of such a crime. Because of criminal background checks, a drug conviction could make it very difficult for you to find employment, volunteer, or further your career. A state licensing board could also revoke your professional license, and child custody arrangements could change.

Given the potential penalties and consequences, you are likely to need strong legal representation during your case. A Clarkston drug lawyer can provide you with the representation and excellence in criminal defense you may need to achieve a positive outcome. Call today to learn more.