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Clarkston Student Defense Lawyer

College students can face criminal charges, just like any other adult. For students, however, the consequences of a crime can go beyond a criminal charge and affect their lives on campus. If you or your child is in this situation, a Clarkston student defense lawyer may be able to offer legal representation and counsel.

Criminal proceedings can result in fines, probation, and jail time, as well as create a permanent criminal record that can impact future opportunities. However, student disciplinary code proceedings can also have harsh effects on educational opportunities, making it difficult for students to complete their education as planned. The advice of a seasoned criminal defense attorney may be instrumental in avoiding or mitigating the consequences of both criminal and school conduct proceedings.

Student Criminal Offenses in Clarkston

College students are often on their own for the first time in their lives and free to make their own decisions. Many types of arrests and charges are particularly common in this age group, including:

In some cases, an arrest does not lead to formal charges, or students can enroll in diversion programs for first-time offenders that end with their charges dismissed. However, in many cases, an arrest alone is sufficient to trigger the application of many college conduct code violation proceedings. By retaining assistance from a Clarkston student defense attorney, you may put themselves in a better position to fight back against your or your child’s criminal and school-related charges.

School Sanctions for Student Misconduct

Student conduct code proceedings can result in a wide array of penalties that can cause significant damage to the personal and professional futures of students. Potential sanctions can include placement on academic probation, eviction from student housing, and removal from classes or courses of study.

Students may also lose college credits or scholarships, be forced to undergo counseling, and perhaps be suspended or expelled from school. Alternatively, students could be subject to curfews or prohibited from participating in school events and activities, depending on the nature of the offense.

Furthermore, a disciplinary record from a college or university may affect a student’s ability to be admitted to graduate or professional schools, obtain certain jobs and internships, or be granted certain professional licenses. The combination of a criminal conviction and a student disciplinary record can be highly detrimental to future endeavors, but a student defense lawyer in Clarkston may be able to help.

Call a Clarkston Student Defense Attorney Today

Criminal proceedings are not the only events that can trigger student disciplinary proceedings at colleges. Academic dishonesty, pranks, and drinking on campus all can initiate a conduct hearing, even if there are no consequences from the criminal justice system. Given that college conduct code proceedings differ from criminal proceedings, a Clarkston student defense lawyer can show excellence in criminal defense in both court and conduct processes.

The impact of both a criminal conviction and a student conduct code violation can be devastating to your future. With the help of legal counsel, you may be better equipped to pursue a positive resolution in both types of proceedings. Call today to get started on your case.