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Grand Rapids Breach of Peace Lawyer

Sometimes, being in the wrong situation can lead to criminal charges. You may be leaving a bar with a group of friends who are a bit loud and disruptive or you might end up defending yourself in a fight caused by a pedestrian who makes a rude comment to you on the street. Whatever the case may be, these situations can quickly escalate to a charge of disturbing the peace.

The last thing most people want to have is a criminal conviction on their record. That is why it is so important to call a Grand Rapids breach of peace lawyer who can offer you invaluable assistance in defending yourself against breach of the peace and related charges.

An experienced defense attorney can gather evidence, interview witnesses, and use any available defenses against these charges. With legal representation, you can protect your rights and explore all possible strategies for handling your case.

Breach of the Peace Laws

Michigan Penal Code Section 750.170 establishes the criminal offense of breach of peace or disturbing the peace. Under this law, it is a misdemeanor offense to cause any disturbance or contention in public places. The law specifically defines public places as including bars, stores, businesses, streets, alleys, and any public buildings, grounds, or parks.

Furthermore, Section 750.169 provides for a separate criminal offense of disruption of a religious meeting or any private property where individuals are meeting to pursue their free exercise of religion. Both offenses involving a breach of the peace are misdemeanors under Michigan law, carrying a penalty of up to 93 days in jail and a fine of up to $1,000.

Conduct that disturbs the peace also may fall under the criminal offense of disorderly conduct. For instance, disorderly conduct includes a person who is intoxicated in a public place and causing a public disturbance. This offense also is a misdemeanor, with a penalty of up to 93 days in jail and a fine of up to $1,000. To potentially avoid the consequences of a conviction, a charged individual should contact a Grand Rapids breach of peace lawyer.

Local Ordinances Regarding Breach of Peace Offenses

In many jurisdictions, including Grand Rapids, local ordinances govern breach or disturbing the peace offenses. Section 9.137 of the Code of Ordinances for Grand Rapids outlines breach of the peace offenses, which include the following:

  • Engaging in any disturbance, fight, or quarrel in a public place
  • Engaging in any disturbance, fight, or quarrel that causes a breach of the peace
  • Disturbing the peace by loud or boisterous conduct
  • Disturbing any lawful assembly or meeting without authority to do so
  • Engaging or participating in a riot
  • Inciting or attempting to incite or cause a riot
  • Uttering profane or obscene language directed to or in the presence of another person that causes an immediate breach of the peace

While an individual can still be charged with a misdemeanor under state law, they also can face civil penalties for violation of a city ordinance, such as monetary fines.

How a Grand Rapids Breach of Peace Attorney Could Help

Take the step to contact a Grand Rapids breach of peace lawyer to set up a consultation. Attorneys understand that many people find themselves in situations that they did not anticipate or intend to occur. Skilled lawyers could represent your interests and advocate on your behalf. Call today and find out about the legal services available to help you build a robust defense against the charges.