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Grand Rapids First Degree Assault Lawyer

Most people never dream of being arrested for assault. Unfortunately, it is a reality seen at times by Grand Rapids first-degree assault lawyers. A simple misunderstanding escalates to a physical altercation, or perhaps not even that, and suddenly someone can be facing criminal charges.

In other instances, the charge may be a total misunderstanding and the situation may be a case of being in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Regardless of how you got there, the consequences for a first-degree assault conviction in Grand Rapids can be severe and life changing. If you find yourself in this situation, it would behoove you to speak to a Grand Rapids assault attorney as early as possible.

Assault Under Michigan Law

There are many different actions that qualify as assault. The common misconception is that it always involves a violent action. What most people think of as assault is actually assault and battery. For an action to qualify as assault under Michigan law, the accuser needs only feel reasonably threatened with physical injury.

A poor choice of words, therefore, can lead to an assault accusation. As experienced Michigan first-degree assault attorneys, lawyers understand how easily someone may say the wrong words in the heat of the moment or have their phrasing be misconstrued.

Potential Penalties

The consequences for assault in Grand Rapids can vary greatly depending on whether it was a first, second or third offense, whether a weapon was involved, whether that weapon was brandished or used, or whether there was battery involved.

The consequences also tend to be more severe when it occurs between domestic or romantic partners.

In Michigan, the penalties for assault generally go as follows:

  • Up to $500 in fines and 93 days in jail for simple assault
  • Up to $1,000 in fines and one year in jail for aggravated assault
  • Probation up to two years

These are the penalties set forth under Michigan penal code, Section 750.81. In addition to the legal ramifications, a criminal record can hurt relationships, a person’s career, and their reputation. It can impact not just themselves, but those around them.

People do not have to face these severe charges alone. They owe it to themselves and their loved ones to consult with an experienced Grand Rapids first-degree assault attorney to build a strong defense.

Contact an Attorney

Defense attorneys understand that facing a first-degree assault charge is a serious and life-changing circumstance. With experience and understanding of local, state, and federal law, knowledgeable Grand Rapids first-degree assault attorneys are prepared to fight for clients and help them obtain the best possible outcome for the case.

With patience and without judgment, an attorney will listen to your story, carefully analyze the details around your case, and mount a strong defense.

Working with a knowledgeable first-degree assault attorney in Grand Rapids can help you reclaim the narrative of your life before it is too late. They never want to see an honest mistake, a misunderstanding, or a single poor decision disrupt your or your family’s life. Contact an experienced attorney today for help.