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Grand Rapids Embezzlement Lawyer

If you have been charged with the theft or larceny of company assets, you may be in need of a skilled Grand Rapids embezzlement lawyer. An individual can be charged with embezzlement if they are believed to have illegally taken funds or property from a company they are employed by.

Embezzlement frequently involves using various accounting methods to hide stolen funds, but there are other types that are punishable by law. If you or someone you know has been charged with criminal embezzlement, a Grand Rapids criminal lawyer can provide you with the guidance and experience you need to navigate the legal system.

Proving the Charge

Depending on the jurisdiction one resides in, embezzlement can take numerous forms. However, in the vast majority of states, the prosecutor must prove that the following situations apply to the accused:

  • While in a position of trust or confidence, the accused was responsible for another person’s property.
  • The accused hid, took, or used the previously mentioned property for their own use without permission from the owner.
  • The accused individual intended to permanently assume ownership of the property.

Contrary to popular belief, individuals at companies and organizations of all types and sizes can be charged with embezzlement. If an individual has been charged with such a crime, they should not hesitate before contacting a Grand Rapids embezzlement lawyer.

Types of Embezzlement

Without a qualified Grand Rapids embezzlement lawyer on an individual’s side, it can be difficult to fully understand the charges they may be facing. To better help an individual understand, some of the most common forms of embezzlement are:

  • Writing checks at multiple banks for “non-existent” funds.
  • Taking money from a register, safe, or vault. The individual committing this type of embezzlement has usually devised a plan to account for the difference.
  • Accepting money directly from a vendor without notifying the company.
  • Falsifying time sheets.
  • Using the payroll system to distribute illegal compensation.
  • Establishing multiple bank accounts and allocating funds for one’s personal use.

If an individual is charged with any of these crimes, an embezzlement attorney in Grand Rapids can help them decide the best way to proceed legally.

Potential Legal Penalties

In the state of Michigan, embezzlement is considered a felony offense, and an individual can face up to five years in prison and a maximum fine of $10,000 if found guilty. The severity of an offender’s punishment will largely depend on the monetary value of the property they embezzled.

As expected, the more an individual is charged with embezzling, the stricter their punishment will be. Even after serving a prison sentence or paying a fine, those convicted of embezzlement often have difficulty:

  • Finding employment. The felony will be recorded on the offender’s criminal record, which will be made public.
  • Passing a background check or obtaining a security clearance.
  • Finding housing. Criminal background checks are frequently performed by landlords and property management companies.

An embezzlement conviction can uproot virtually anyone’s life, and if an individual is facing such a serious charge, it would be wise to hire a Grand Rapids embezzlement lawyer.

Contact an Attorney in Grand Rapids

An experienced lawyer strives to provide all of their embezzlement clients with exceptional legal advice. By working with a knowledgeable embezzlement attorney in Grand Rapids, an individual can increase their chances of having their charges reduced or dismissed.

Being in a courtroom can be intimidating, and a lawyer will do their very best to protect their client’s rights at all times. Contact an attorney today to discuss the details of your embezzlement case.

Contact an attorney today to discuss the details of your embezzlement case.