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Grand Rapids Perjury Lawyer

In the state of Michigan, perjury is defined as intentionally lying during a court proceeding or hearing, and it carries serious penalties. Perjury laws are largely in place to prevent individuals from providing the court with false information, which can jeopardize virtually any case. If you are currently facing perjury charges, you will need a Grand Rapids perjury lawyer to fight for your rights in court.

If you are currently struggling to understand your perjury charges, you are not alone – the Michigan legal system can be very overwhelming and complex at times. Contact a skilled defense attorney as soon as possible to best understand perjury and its potential consequences.

How Prosecutors Must Prove Perjury

Before a court proceeding, everyone involved is required to take an oath. To show that an individual has committed perjury, a prosecutor will be tasked with proving that the accused:

  • Was legally required to take an oath before a court of law
  • Took the required oath
  • Intentionally provided the court with untrue information while under oath
  • Knew that the information was untrue during the proceeding

Other Types of Perjury Charges

Individuals can also be charged with perjury if it can be proven that they coerced another individual into committing perjury. This is a crime whether or not the person being coerced actually followed through – even attempting to get another person to commit perjury is a felony.

If the coerced individual actually commits perjury, the defendant will be charged with Subordination of Perjury.

If the individual does not commit perjury, but there was still an attempt at coercion, the guilty party can be charged with Procuring Perjury but Perjury Not Committed.

Reducing or Dismissing Charges

By working with a Grand Rapids perjury lawyer, a person can improve their chances of a positive outcome. If any of the following are involved in a client’s perjury case, an attorney may be able to get their charges reduced or dismissed:

  • There is reasonable doubt; the prosecution cannot completely prove the charges against them
  • The “false” information they provided was truthful at the time
  • They did not know that the information they were providing was false
  • They attempted to compel the truth
  • The prosecution called witnesses who lacked credibility

Possible Consequences of Perjury

If an individual is found guilty of any type of perjury, they could easily find themselves facing the following consequences:

  • Imprisonment
  • Fines
  • Difficulty finding employment, housing, or obtaining money for an education

Defendants who are found guilty of perjury can face a lifetime of difficulties, both legal and personal.

Benefit of an Attorney

The law regarding perjury is complex, and unless someone has extensive knowledge of the law and the procedures surrounding it, the possibility of a legal victory will be extremely low. Here are some reasons someone may want to consider hiring an experienced Grand Rapids perjury lawyer:

  • If found guilty of perjury, individuals can end up spending up to 15 years in jail
  • Lawyers know how to use the evidence in their favor
  • The court is governed by a variety of formal procedures that most non-attorneys do not know about

An attorney can provide you with the legal guidance your case needs. If you need help building a solid defense, a Grand Rapids perjury lawyer will be more than happy to provide you with it. Local attorneys have extensive experience trying perjury cases of all types, and they are confident that they can help you navigate your perjury charges.