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Grand Rapids Probation Violation Lawyer

A probation violation is a serious charge, and if an individual does not understand their rights, the court will almost always find a probation violator guilty. Depending on the conditions of your probation, it can be quite easy to violate probation.

By hiring a professional and experienced Grand Rapids probation violation lawyer, you can even the playing field and ensure that you are represented fairly. A skilled defense attorney can help you to achieve a positive outcome in your case.

Definition of Probation

Contrary to popular belief, the court does not consider probation to be an extreme punishment. It often serves as a less severe alternative to imprisonment, and unlike imprisonment, the individual on probation will be allowed to remain in the community.

However, the individual will be responsible for staying out of trouble and completing certain tasks. The court may also require that an individual remains clear of certain people or places during their probationary period.

Probation sentences often require individuals to complete the following tasks in addition to serving probation:

  • Attend regularly scheduled appointments with a probation officer
  • Pass a drug or alcohol test
  • Refrain from being charged with any additional crimes
  • Enroll in a court-ordered substance abuse program
  • Notify their probation officer when they prepare to move

If any of these terms are violated, an individual may face a number of consequences making it important that a Grand Rapids probation violation attorney is consulted.

Potential Legal Consequences

The length and severity of probation depend on an individual’s offense and the state they reside in. Depending on the type of offense, probation can last anywhere from a few months to several years.

Serious offenses, such as sex crimes or drug trafficking, can result in a lifelong probationary period for those found guilty. When an individual violates probation and fails to hire a Grand Rapids probation violation lawyer, they could end up facing years in jail.

Attending the Probation Hearing

If a person is found guilty of violating the terms of their probation, they may receive a warning from their probation officer at first. However, if their probation officer decides to report their violation, they could be subject to the following punishments:

  • Revoked probation
  • Additional probation conditions
  • Monetary fines
  • Imprisonment

If someone’s probation is revoked, they will not necessarily go to jail. It will more than likely mean that the current terms of their sentencing will be reconsidered, and their new sentence could be harsher than the original. The judge will have a wide range of sentencing options at their disposal in regards to probation violators.

During a probation hearing, a prosecutor will be charged with proving that an individual blatantly violated the terms of their probation. During most hearings, the individual charged with probation violation will learn of any new or additional charges they may be facing. An individual will be allowed to produce evidence in their favor and refute the charges.

Going into a probation hearing alone can be a disaster, especially if a person does not have in-depth knowledge of the legal system or standard court procedures. If they do not agree with the court’s decision, they do have the right to appeal the decision to a higher court.

Work with a Grand Rapids Probation Violation Lawyer

By working with a Grand Rapids probation violation lawyer, you can increase your chances of success. With skilled Grand Rapids lawyer’s extensive experience in the field of probation violation, you can be sure that you are receiving legal representation of the highest quality.

Get in touch with a probation attorney in Grand Rapids today to discuss the conditions of your case at greater length.