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Grand Rapids Solicitation Lawyer

Solicitation is a serious charge that can leave a permanent scar on an individual’s criminal record and reputation. More than likely, when an individual is charged with this crime, intimate details of their personal life will be brought forth, leading to humiliation and embarrassment for the accused individual. Contrary to popular belief, an individual is not immediately considered guilty if they are arrested for solicitation, and there have been times when accused individuals were wrongly detained by police.

Solicitation charges vary in severity, and if an individual is found guilty, their entire life can be turned upside-down. If you are currently facing solicitation charges, contacting a skilled Grand Rapids solicitation lawyer should be your first move. An experienced defense attorney can begin your defense right away. En Español.

Defining Solicitation

Solicitation is the act of encouraging or enticing someone to commit a criminal act. The person engaging in the solicitation will usually benefit from the person’s actions financially, and often, violent methods are used to entice the victim into committing a crime.

Solicitation is often linked to prostitution and is most frequently considered to have occurred when some individual forces someone else to offer sexual favors in exchange for money or material goods.

The laws regarding solicitation can be complicated, but to prove that a person is guilty of the crime, the prosecution must prove that:

  • The defendant request that another individual commits a crime
  • The defendant intended to engage in criminal actions with the other individual

Situations Resulting in Charges

In some jurisdictions, a person can be charged with solicitation even if the alleged victim did not receive a direct request. In other areas, the person must have directly received the request from the defendant.

When solicitation and prostitution are involved, the victim must have received a direct request from the defendant demanding them to engage in sexual conduct in exchange for monetary compensation.

The laws regarding solicitation and prostitution can be found in section 750.448 of the Michigan Penal Code. If an individual is convicted of prostitution alone, they will face misdemeanor charges. However, if convicted of solicitation, an individual can face steeper penalties.

Defending Against Solicitation

If a person wants to defend themselves against solicitation charges, it would be wise to hire a Grand Rapids solicitation lawyer. Their attorney may be able to get their charges dismissed or reduced if they can prove:

  • They did not engage in the acts they are being accused of. For example, if they are arrested, they can bring up the fact that they did not intend to offer compensation to the other individual
  • They made an initial offer but changed their mind later
  • The person claiming to have been solicited did not notify the police so the requested action could be prevented

During a solicitation proceeding, both sides have the right to submit evidence and call forth witnesses. The accused individual also has the right to give their personal testimony to the court.

Contacting a Grand Rapids Solicitation Attorney

If you are facing solicitation charges, hiring a Grand Rapids solicitation lawyer can be in your best interest. Grand Rapids attorneys know how stressful court can be, and they do their best to provide high-quality legal advice and compassion.

You will benefit from their extensive legal knowledge and experience handling difficult solicitation cases. Call a skilled attorney now to discuss the details of your case.