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Grand Rapids Stalking Lawyer

Facing a charge of stalking and harassment can be confusing and stressful. There is often a great deal of unheard background information that can directly impact the outcome of your case.

If you are facing stalking and harassment charges, do not hesitate to contact a Grand Rapids stalking lawyer. A skilled criminal defense lawyer could fully investigate the details surrounding your case and attempt to communicate the motives of everyone involved to the prosecution. Lawyers could provide an aggressive defense to secure a favorable outcome.

Harassment and Stalking Laws

Harassment is a prohibited behavior under Michigan Penal Code Section 750.411. This statute defines harassment as conduct that involves repeated contact without consent that causes a reasonable person to experience emotional distress. Stalking is defined as intentionally and repeatedly harassing another, which causes them to reasonably feel frightened or intimidated.

Under Michigan’s very broad stalking law, there are a variety of behaviors that might be construed as stalking, including the following:

  • Following an individual or appearing at a home or workplace
  • Approaching or confronting an individual in a public or private place
  • Contacting an individual by phone, mail, or electronic communications
  • Placing or delivering an object to an individual at the property they lease, own, or occupy

To constitute stalking, there must be a pattern of conduct involving two or more noncontinuous acts that share the same purpose of intimidating or harassing the other person.

Given the extensive range of conduct that could fall under this law, an individual facing charges may need to consult with a Grand Rapids stalking lawyer to understand how their situation will be classified and prosecuted.

What Is the Punishment for Charges?

Stalking is generally a misdemeanor criminal offense and is punishable by up to one year of imprisonment or up to $1,000 in fines, or both. A stalking conviction also can result in up to five years on probation. Conditions of probation may prohibit individuals from having contact with the other individual and require them to undergo evaluation for treatment and counseling.

Individuals can face aggravated stalking charges if any of the following circumstances are true:

  • The individual violated a court order, such as a personal protection order
  • The individual has a previous stalking conviction
  • The individual made at least one threat to kill or cause physical harm to the other person or the person’s family or household member
  • The individual is at least five years older than the other individual, who is under the age of 18

For aggravated stalking, individuals can face up to five years imprisonment, up to $10,000, or both, and anywhere from five years to a lifetime of probation. The same conditions of probation for a stalking conviction can apply for an aggravated stalking conviction.

Reach Out to a Grand Rapids Stalking Attorney

When you are facing charges involving harassment and stalking, you should not waste any time getting skilled legal representation on your side. A Grand Rapids stalking lawyer could represent your best interests by detailing the unheard side of the story in court and ultimately providing a strong defense against the charges. Call today to discuss your situation and legal options.