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Holland DUI Lawyer

Being faced with a OWI charge can be an intimidating experience. The charge can arise after a night of heavy drinking, leading to horrible consequences. However, a night of driving drunk does not have to ruin your reputation. A skilled defense attorney in Holland can help to defend your case. An experienced Holland DUI lawyer can work hard to present your best case and work with the court system to help you get your life back in order.

Consequences of a Holland DUI

  • Jail time
  • Probation
  • Fines
  • License Suspension
  • Having a criminal record
  • Loss of reputation in the community
  • Necessity of reporting DUI when seeking employment

A Holland, MI OWI attorney wants to avoid as many of these consequences as possible for their client. There are a number of ways that an attorney can help lessen these penalties and prepare a strong defense.

Preparing a Defense

A DUI defense lawyer in Holland will work to gather evidence about the OWI arrest, particularly focusing on information favorable to their client. They will attempt to gain relevant witness statements. They will also talk to their client to determine whether the police conducted themselves lawfully during the stop and the arrest.

Increasingly, police cars are equipped with cameras to capture the circumstances of an arrest. If any surveillance video of the arrest is available, the attorney will also seek to preserve this information.

Another important element to a defense is determining whether the evidence presented by the prosecution is credible, properly handled, and properly admitted. For example, an experienced Holland DWI lawyer will closely examine any breathalyzer results and other information about the alleged DUI that the police or prosecution attempts to use. Michigan DUI law frequently changes, so a DUI attorney will research updates in the law applicable to a client’s case. They will use the information obtained through legal research to the client’s advantage in court.

Alternative Sentencing

Depending on whether a client is a first-time offender and the severity of the event that led to the arrest, it is often possible to avoid jail-time. This is often accomplished through diversion programs, which might include DUI-related classes and community service.

An experienced DUI defense lawyer in Holland will do everything possible to explore alternative penalties to help their clients avoid jail time, learn from the experience of a DUI, and maintain a positive reputation in their communities.

Additionally, a skilled DUI attorney uses their knowledge of the court system and local prosecutors and judges to negotiate the most advantageous penalty for their client.

Consult with a Holland DUI Attorney Today

Dealing with the consequences of a DUI arrest can be frightening. People who have been arrested sometimes feel intimidated by attorneys and the legal process. Fighting charges on your own is not the best course of action, as DUIs involve complicated laws and resources, and the consequences of a DUI can be harsh.

Create a better situation for yourself by consulting a hard-working DUI attorney who has the legal and practical experience to achieve the best outcome for you. An experienced Holland DUI lawyer will fight for you today.