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Holland Solicitation Lawyer

A solicitation charge in Holland can be a particularly serious offense. Local law enforcement and state prosecutors tend to view such cases severely, and these charges can result in stiff consequences. To ensure you are aware of all your legal options and are working towards the best possible outcome for your case, it may be wise to retain a professional Holland solicitation lawyer who could guide you through the process of addressing your charges and represent you in court if necessary. Read on to learn more about how a dedicated defense attorney could make a difference for you.

The Crime of Solicitation

Solicitation refers to exchanging anything of monetary value for any type of sexual service or inviting a someone to engage in prostitution. For a charge of solicitation to be viable in court, there must be two individuals exchanging sexual services and an exchange of money or items of monetary value. Solicitation can occur in public or in private. Although slight, there is a legal difference between solicitation and prostitution. An individual accepting payment in exchange for any type of sex act may face prostitution charges, while anyone seeking out and propositioning that individual for an exchange of sexual services may face solicitation charges. A dedicated Holland solicitation lawyer can assist those facing these charges through aggressive legal representation in court.

Associated Penalties

There are several different penalties that someone may face because of solicitation depending on their past criminal history. A first offense of solicitation is a misdemeanor, and an individual charged with it can face up to three months in jail with a maximum fine of $500. A second solicitation charge after an initial conviction may result in a penalty of up to one year in jail and a maximum fine of $1,000. After two solicitation convictions, any additional charges of solicitation afterward are classified as felonies that can result in large fines and substantial jail time.

Potential Defenses

A skilled Holland solicitation lawyer may investigate how a solicitation crime occurred to determine any applicable defenses against the charge. Entrapment is one of the most common defenses used in this situation. While law enforcement must wait for someone to initiate criminal behavior before making an arrest, this is not always the case. When law enforcement tricks an individual into committing a criminal act, a weathered Holland solicitation lawyer can sometimes establish this as an illegal act of entrapment.

In addition, the prosecution in criminal cases must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused individual engaged in solicitation. Sometimes a seasoned Holland solicitation lawyer can show that the prosecution failed to demonstrate evidence beyond a reasonable doubt if, for example, the defendant did not engage in any type of sexual conduct or unknowingly committed the act of solicitation. Finally, if no payment was exchanged between the two individuals preceding a sex act, a charge of solicitation towards one of the individuals may not stand in court.

Working with a Holland Solicitation Lawyer

When it comes to solicitation charges, an experienced legal team should understand how to best analyze all the elements of a potential case and determine the best way to proceed. A seasoned Holland solicitation lawyer could gather evidence, interview key witnesses, and help prepare you for what to expect in court. To get started on your case, contact a Holland solicitation lawyer who could start fighting for you today.