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Kent County Criminal Lawyer

Being arrested for a crime can be an intimidating experienced. An arrest might come as a result of a variety of situations. Whatever situation you find yourself in, you can trust an experienced Kent County criminal defense attorney to get to the bottom of your case and represent you in the court system. To learn more or begin building a defense for your case, call our experienced defense attorneys today. En Español.

Initial Meeting

When someone first speaks with a lawyer, it is important to remember that all communications are protected by attorney-client privilege. There is nothing a person can say to their lawyer that the lawyer can reveal (except for a few rare situations such as where the information in question involves immediate danger to someone).

Thus, when explaining a case to a lawyer, it is important for a person to give as detailed an account as possible, including information about the alleged crime, the arrest, and the client’s background information. A lawyer in New Kent will typically want to know what witnesses their client could call to testify in their favor.

Case Process

After the initial meeting, an experienced defense attorney in Kent County will quickly proceed with an investigation, which will begin with steps such as filing necessary paperwork with the court, talking to witnesses, ordering needed medical records, and obtaining any video present at the scene of the alleged crime or the arrest.

Often, especially in cases involving serious crimes, it will be necessary for the lawyer to do extensive legal research and writing. This is another advantage of having an attorney instead of handling a case oneself, they have the experience with the law and legal research to maximize their client’s case, whereas a layperson will generally be unfamiliar with important legal sources and research techniques.


Criminal cases can result in a range of specific penalties such as jail time, probation, fines, loss of voting or gun rights, and loss of licenses. Additionally, there is a range of intangible consequences to committing a crime, including the loss of one’s reputation in the community as well as the inability to gain future employment and educational opportunities.

In some cases, it is preferable to carry the case to trial. In many cases, a client’s best option is to negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecution.

Mitigating Factors

If the crime is relatively minor and a first-time offense, the offense can even be scrubbed from a person’s criminal record if the right approach is taken (which typically involves the client taking classes and/or doing community service).

If the crime is more serious or the client has repeatedly been criminally convicted, this option will not be available. Instead, a Kent County criminal lawyer can help lessen the potential penalties to the client as much as possible by gathering ample evidence to support the client’s case, as well as by having a good working relationship with the prosecutor.

If the case does go to trial, some criminal cases will involve juries, and some will not. Either way, an experienced attorney will feel confident presenting a professional, thorough case in the courtroom.

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