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Michigan Drug Conspiracy Lawyer

Conspiracy occurs when a person works with another person to commit an illegal offense. This is a much more common crime than a person might imagine, and carries an incredibly high level of complexity and potential punishment if convicted. With this said, if you have been charged with such a crime, it is important that you contact a Michigan drug conspiracy lawyer immediately. A knowledgeable drug attorney can best assist in reducing or dismissing any penalties associated with your charge.

Severity of the Charge

Drug conspiracy is among the most serious crimes a person can face. These charges vary between an individual who may be dealing with a small amount of drugs, up to an influential individual who handles a large amount of illegal substances.  These individuals may be transporting drugs across an entire state, or sometimes across state lines or to other countries depending on the size of the conspiracy. As the conspiracy grows larger, the severity of the penalty increases. Further, a person can be charged with both conspiracy and the separate underlying offense that the individual may or may not have followed through with.

In order to get a conspiracy conviction, the prosecution must prove knowledge and intent, and that two or more persons are involved in the commission of the crime. The penalties for such a charge can be up to life in prison, making it imperative that a drug conspiracy attorney in Michigan is contacted.

Conspiracy Investigations

When dealing with conspiracy, a person is dealing with a much more complicated series of facts, which often involve many different police officers, and sometimes many different jurisdictions of police officers at various levels. These can span through both the local, state, and federal level.

Conspiracy investigations often require lengthy investigations, wiretapping, grand juries, subpoenas for bank records, title searches, and recognizance. Police officers will also set up watch and observe what an individual or individuals are doing for long periods of time, related to the conspiracy charge.

Law enforcement will also use a lot of undercover agents and advanced technology, including elements like wiretapping and different types of listening devices, to ensure they are effectively outsmarting the people that they are observing. Law enforcement must be stealthy in the way that they are conducting their investigation so that they are not perceived at all, or seen as a threat to the people involved in the conspiracy. It becomes much more complex when there are more people involved, because the chance the police will be discovered increases.

Consulting with an Attorney

When searching for a lawyer, an individual should attempt to look for a Michigan drug conspiracy attorney that has some experience with conspiracy charges and knowledge of the law, the circumstances, and the police procedures that are commonly used in drug conspiracy charges.

An individual should ensure that they hire a lawyer with the correct knowledge, skill, experience, and expertise to properly defend their case.  Further, an individual will want to look for an attorney who has scientific knowledge pertaining to chemical testing of drugs.

It will be helpful for the person accused to take notes and write in their own words what they believe to have occurred, and what the police are accusing them of. Also, if there is any physical evidence that is still in their possession, they should have that available as well. Finally, if there are any items that need to be observed or independently tested, those items should be collected and made available as well. A seasoned Michigan drug conspiracy lawyer can best aid in advising you on the proper evidence and paperwork you should present in order to work toward a positive outcome.