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Michigan Medical Marijuana Licensing Board

The Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act, as set forth in Michigan Compiled Laws outlines the Michigan Medical Marijuana Licensing Board (also known simply as, the Board). This Board will consist of five members and it will work within LARA.

Members of this Board must be residents of Michigan. They also must be appointed by the Governor of Michigan. In addition, they must be from different political parties (no more than three members from the same party).

They get appointed from three nominees by the State Majority Leader (for one member) and get appointed from three nominees from the Speaker of the House (for one member). One member of the Board will be appointed by the Governor as the Chairperson. If you are interested in learning more about the Board, contact a distinguished marijuana licensing attorney.

How Long do Members Hold Their Positions?

Members hold their position on the Board for a period of four years. This occurs with the one exception that those appointed for the first time carry out different terms. One member will serve for two years and two members will serve for three years. If a member expresses a sense of neglect for their duty, malfeasance, misfeasance, nonfeasance, they can be removed from the Board.

This also applies to some other just cause. Board members are also not allowed to hold any other public office that they get compensation for while they serve on the Board. A person becomes ineligible to act as a Board member if they are not in good moral standing. In addition, an indictment, charge, or conviction for a misdemeanor for controlled substance, theft, dishonesty, or fraud, or any felony, will disqualify a person from becoming a Board member.

Other issues that prevent someone from becoming a member of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Licensing BoardĀ are having a similar license in another state, or having a family member who has a licensing application pending before the Board.

Application to Be a Board Member

To apply for a position on the Board, every potential applicant must file a financial disclosure statement with the Governor. They must provide a list of their liabilities, assets, business interests, property, and source of income.

They also need to provide a financial disclosure statement for their spouse. Other important aspects of being a member of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Licensing BoardĀ deals with what happens after their position with the Board ends. For two years after their position on the Board ends, Board members cannot establish interest or be employed by a licensee, an applicant, or a marijuana facility.

In addition, former Board members cannot represent anyone but the state before the Board for the two years after termination. The governor has the right to remove any Board member if they neglect to do their job or for any other just cause.