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Legally Protected Michigan Medical Marijuana Business Activities

Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Licensed Facilities Act (MLFA) only covers certain business actions, so it is important to know what your legally protected Michigan medical marijuana business activities are. If you want to know what activities you are allowed to carry out, you can seek the legal counsel of a local medical marijuana lawyer. Your experienced attorney can explain what your rights are, and what protections are granted to you through the MLFA. Read on to learn more about legally protected Michigan medical marijuana business activities, as well as the ways a skilled attorney can help.

Qualifications for Legal Protection

First, to have legal protection from certain kinds of civil or criminal prosecution, an individual must have first been granted a state operating license and be operating within the scope of that license. If both of those facts are true, then the individual and their employees are not subject to criminal penalties or criminal prosecution. The business owner is also free from any search or inspection not otherwise provided by the MLFA. The state government also may not seize their marijuana or any real or personal property based on a marijuana-related offense.

Who Does the MFLA Cover?

Provided that the business owner has a state-granted license and are operating within it, they are free from any disciplinary action or denial of a right or privilege by a business or occupational or professional licensing board based on a marijuana-related offense. This presumably includes lawyers, doctors, and accountants. These protections also apply to those who own or lease real property to a business operating under the MFLA.

Permissible Business Activities

As indicated, there are only some legally protected Michigan medical marijuana business activities under the MFLA. Legally protected Michigan medical marijuana business activities can include growing, purchasing, receiving, selling, transporting, or transferring marijuana from or to a licensee, registered qualifying patient, or a registered primary caregiver. Possessing or manufacturing marijuana paraphernalia for medical use is also a protected activity, as is processing and transporting marijuana. The MFLA also specifically indicates that properly licensed businesses acting within the scope of their licenses may also test, transfer, infuse, extract, alter, or study marijuana.

Obtaining a Medical Marijuana Business License

If you are a caregiver interested in becoming part of a medical marijuana business, obtaining a commercial license can help you reach more patients. You will not be restricted to growing marijuana plants in the double digits. Instead, you can grow hundreds or thousands of plants, which means that you can help more patients than ever before. Medical marijuana can be a fun, exciting and profitable business, and without a license, you are breaking the law. Obtaining a license will allow you to own and/or operate a business related to the growing, processing, provisioning, transporting and/or testing of medical marijuana.

On the plus side, now that there are regulations to protect your business, you may not have to worry as much about getting shut down or having your property or money seized by the state government and can focus on growing your business and providing treatment to those in need. If you want to know more about legally protected Michigan medical marijuana business activities, consult a skilled defense attorney today.