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Steps to Take Following a Michigan DUI Arrest

The first thing you should do after being arrested for DUI is to write down everything you can remember about your case.  Sometimes the smallest or most insignificant detail can make a difference in the outcome of your case.  At the Barone Defense Firm we will provide you with a questionnaire to help you in this process.

Collecting Evidence

You should also begin collecting receipts and contacting possible witnesses.  Anything that can be used to prove that you had less to drink than the breath or blood test would otherwise suggest.

It is also very helpful to take photographs of the scene of the arrest, and if applicable, of your automobile.  If you were hurt in an accident, by the police, or during any blood draw, photographs of the injuries you sustained will also be helpful.

Finding a DUI Attorney

In the meanwhile, you should also begin your search for a top DUI defense specialist.  To find the top DUI defense lawyer in your area, you should contact your family, friends, or other professionals that you know.  Ask your CPA, and if you are divorced, and thought your lawyer did a good job, call him or her up and ask for a referral.  You can even contact the court and ask the court clerks or bailiffs who they might recommend.

Internet Research

Now that you’ve compiled a list of possible lawyers to represent you, go to the internet and begin your further research.  Compare what you find on the internet to what you’ve been told by others. Soon top candidates will begin to emerge.  You can learn a great deal about a lawyer’s background and expertise, but looking at their qualifications.

Don’t limit yourself to just a review of the lawyer’s own web sites.   There are many places to obtain additional lawyer information on the internet, and today there are several independent rating services for lawyers.  These include sites like Avvo, Super lawyers and Martindale Hubble. Your final step should be interviewing the lawyer candidates.  Speak with them in person or on the phone.  Then decide.

If you follow this checklist then you are placing yourself in the best possible position for obtaining the best possible result for your drunk driving case.