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Michigan CDL DUI Penalties

If you are a Michigan licensed driver who also holds a CDL, then it’s important for you to know how the Michigan drunk driving laws pertain to you, and what will happen if you are convicted of a Michigan DUI.

This is because if you are like most Commercial Driver License (CDL) holders, then you rely on your CDL for employment. Without your CDL, trucking companies won’t employ you or, if you are an owner/operator of a tractor trailer, you cannot get routes. In short, if you are a truck driver with a CDL in Michigan, and you lose it, then you cannot practice your profession.

Penalties For a First Offense

If convicted of a first offense drunk driving, in Michigan called “Operating While Intoxicated” (OWI; commonly known as driving under the influence), your CDL will be suspended for one year. This is true even if the OWI occurred in your personal vehicle.

Again, if while operating a noncommercial vehicle you are convicted of a traffic violation or criminal offense that suspends or revokes your driver’s license it will also suspend or revoke your CDL. If convicted on a DUI second or third offense, your CDL will be suspended for ten years.

Steps to Take If Accused

If you are a truck driver, parcel delivery person, mover, or commercial vehicle mechanic with a CDL and have been charged with an OWI in Michigan, it is imperative that you hire a DUI specialist for your case. There is always something that can be done to possibly get a result that does not involve a loss of your CDL.

The DUI specialists at the Barone Defense Firm have helped many CDL holders and are determined to get results; results that preserve your  CDL and keep you on the road.

Please contact the Barone Defense Firm today and ask for attorney Ryan Ballard.  He will explain to you what steps you can take right now to help you keep your CDL, and thereby keep your job!