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Accuracy of Police Reports in a Michigan DUI

Michigan law enforcement agents routinely file reports detailing the circumstances and events that lead to arrests. In many instances, the prosecution’s entire case against a defendant hinges on the accuracy of the police report. This is especially true in drunk and drugged driving cases and it is why it is so important to review them when building a defense.

What Is in the Police Report?

The police report should detail all the information related to the arrest, including:

  • Time of the initial traffic stop
  • Reason for the initial traffic stop
  • Details regarding all interactions with the driver, including his or her appearance and demeanor
  • Notes on the driver’s performance on any field sobriety tests
  • Any witness statements collected at the scene

Potential Problems with Police Reports

During discovery, your defense attorney will review the police reports associated with your case. If any of the information contained in the report conflicts with the arresting officer’s statements or if your attorney can show that other errors were made at any time during the arrest process, it may be grounds for dismissal of the case.