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Regaining Security Clearance Following a DUI

On its own, a DUI charge can come with detrimental penalties. Hefty fines, possible incarceration, and a mark on an individual’s permanent record are all factors that can be difficult to recover from. In some cases, individuals with a security clearance can have that status either reduced or completely revoked after they have been charged with a DUI. If you are looking to regain your security clearance after it has been lost due to a DUI, it is pertinent that you contact an attorney immediately. The right lawyer can assist in effectively fighting your charge, and helping you maintain the security clearance you currently possess.

Possibility of Regaining Security Clearance

It is possible to regain security clearance after it has been lost due to a DUI charge. That depends, however, on how an individual lost their security clearance in the first place. There are going to be different times where a security clearance is not capable of being returned to somebody, but again, it is entirely dependent on the circumstances by which an individual lost their clearance initially.

If an individual lost their clearance because of something that could be successfully treated, like a mental health issue, a drug issue, or an alcohol issue, it is possible that after some period of time in remission that they could be judged to meet the criteria for whatever security clearance they previously held. This is all dependent on very individualized circumstances. In that regard, the process begins by the individual realizing the issue, seeking treatment for it, and going through the motions of retaining a previously held security clearance.

Process to Regain

The process of regaining a lost security clearance after a DUI charge is simple. An individual must be in a position where they have not been granted security clearances but can petition to have their security clearance restored to them. There is going to be a background check, financial records check, and association check involved in restating an individual’s security clearance. All of that is conducted thoroughly so that an individual could potentially meet the criteria for that specific security clearance.

An Attorney’s Steps

One of the most important things an attorney will want to do is to take a look and see what the underlying drunk driving charge presents about the client. If it is part of a pattern of conduct, an attorney will want to make sure that they are fighting out this case diligently in every way, shape, or form to avoid any potential loss of the security clearance. Secondarily, even if there is no necessary pattern of conduct, an attorney will want to make sure that whoever does have a security clearance is getting to the right people, to make sure that any substance abuse assessment that comes out of it does not list it erroneously. Further, an attorney will also want to make sure that they represent their client effectively, ensuring that the prosecution is not misrepresenting reported levels of alcohol or drug intoxication.

Many times, regardless of what happens out of the case, the level of intoxication itself can be a detriment. This is why hiring an attorney, who has experience in fighting out a drunk driving case and helping individuals regain security clearance, is contacted immediately.

Potential Ramifications

Any individual should make sure that they have the right attorney when it comes to dealing with a drunk driving charge involving a loss of security clearance. An individual should understand the seriousness of a drunk driving charge, and that it may lead to a dismissal of the status of their security clearance. Individuals should also be aware that many times, losing a security clearance can also mean losing a job. It is extremely important if an individual wants to regain their security clearance after facing a drunk driving charge, to contact an experienced attorney immediately.