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Michigan FCPA Investigations

If you are under any Michigan FCPA investigations, then you could be facing heavy penalties. This is why it is essential that you contact a seasoned lawyer as soon as possible. Your company is going to look out for their best interests, not yours. However, an attorney could stand by your side and advocate on your behalf. Do not face the investigation alone, call today to see how a dedicated lawyer could fight for you.

FCPA Investigation Agencies

The Justice Department investigates bribery cases, and there are a number of ways for them to investigate. There are also many different agencies investigating a potential bribe. This includes the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), FBI, or it could be the Department of State.

One the states’ side in terms of reviewing the books of racketeering to whether or not payments were made, they could use both the internal revenue service and the FBI to conduct investigations within the United States.

Evidence Used

Today’s world uses paper money less than in the past. If someone wants to convert something to cash, there is going to be a paper trail created in the business. Then there is going to be the question of how the transaction was handled.

For example, someone agrees to pay a bribe to the road commissioner in New Delhi, India. If that person is going to give the road commissioner a $500,000 bribe, somehow that person is going to have to generate the $500,000 in cash. That is going to result in a paper trail that can be investigated by the prosecution team.

In Michigan FCPA investigations, the prosecutors bring in forensic accountants to look at how the money was generated. They are also going to have questions about if the business deducted that bribe payment as a business expense from their income tax returns. This is another potential violation of federal law because someone cannot deduct a bribe payment as a necessary business expense.

The investigation is also going to find witnesses for evidence of the FCPA violation. The investigator will run down any possible leads in America and also in the foreign country where the bribe took place.

Prosecutors Methods of Investigations

The prosecutors will use forensic accounts to review reports. They will also use agents to interrogate the witnesses of the offense. Also, the IRS can investigate the company to see how the company calculated the payments. The investigators may find a relatively low-level employee who knows something about the bribe, threaten him with incarceration, and then flip him on the people above him in an effort to get information on the highest ranking official possible.

How an Attorney Could Help

The federal government takes foreign bribery offenses very seriously. The government wants those charged with violating the FCPA to face harsh consequences. If you are under Michigan FCPA investigations, it may be in your best interests to obtain the services of an accomplished lawyer. An experienced attorney could walk you through the legal process of the investigations to help protect you from a conviction. Call today to schedule your initial consultation.