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Michigan White Collar Lawyer

If you have been notified that you are facing white-collar crime charges, you should seek the services of an experienced lawyer immediately. White-collar crimes can result in serious penalties such as imprisonment, fines, and probation. A skillful attorney could stand by your side and build a defense to help you avoid those penalties. Call a Michigan white-collar lawyer today to schedule a consultation.

Defining White Collar Crime

A white-collar crime refers to people who steal from someone in ways they may not even be aware of. White-collar crimes include:

  • Fraud
  • Bribery
  • Embezzlement
  • Money Laundering
  • Forgery
  • Identity Theft
  • Insider Trading
  • Ponzi Schemes

White-collar crimes are non-violent crimes and most of the time, the injured party may not even know the crime occurred until long after the event has taken place. It is called a white-collar crime because it refers to illegal actions that can be done with a pen, computer, or cellphone as opposed to a gun, knife, or a threat.

Social Stigma Facing White Collar Charges

The social stigma is that the usually the perpetrator of a white-collar crime is seen as a fairly wealthy person who is taking advantage of other people. That is a stigma that is difficult to overcome. If the defendant is a rags to riches story, it may help fight against the social stigmas. However, if it is someone who is charged with a white-collar crime and they have already been rich since the day they were born, then many people are not going to believe they were innocent and the defense attorney is going to have an uphill battle.

Seeking the Facts

When a Michigan white-collar attorney is building a defense, they want to get ahead of the narrative. The first action a defense attorney is going to do is seek the truth of the case. The lawyer can investigate the evidence of the case to get the clearest version of the facts. If the defendant sees the facts are not in their favor, then the best advice may be to plead guilty and wrap up the case as quickly as possible.

Common Challenges for Defense Attorneys

A major issue with white-collar crimes is that many people allege a crime, when in fact, they just made a bad business deal. Prosecutors are looking to ensure that the person involved in a white collar crime actually did commit a criminal act.

The major problem for the defendant in a white-collar case is that the people harmed by the crimes are sympathetic to the jury and many times the defendant is not. Also, if the crime affected 20 people or so, at some point in time, the jury starts to believe the defendant is truly a terrible person.

White-collar criminals tend to be someone with a lot of money and the members of the jury are usually working-class people. This could cause the jury to have a less sympathetic view of the defendant. Although a lawyer is going to face a difficult task of defending someone accused of committing a white-collar offense, obtaining legal counsel is still the best way for a defendant to receive a favorable outcome.

Importance of Hiring a Lawyer Immediately

Once someone knows they are being charged, they should contact a Michigan white-collar lawyer immediately. It is crucial to begin the process of dealing with the government as quickly as possible to curtail the amount of publicity the case will receive. The longer a case drags on, the more stories that can come out in the media. The more attention the defendant gets, the worse it becomes for their case. Although juries may say they do not pay attention to the news, they do, which means the defendant could have a tougher battle in court.

The firm will start your defense by communicating with the press as soon as possible. If you are facing white-collar charges, obtain legal counsel today to get started on your defense.