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Michigan Check Fraud Lawyer

While receiving a charge for check fraud can be a daunting situation, know that you do not have to face it alone. A qualified Michigan check fraud lawyer may be able to assist you by gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses to create a professional defense strategy on your behalf. Read on to learn more about how a skilled defense attorney could work to make a difference in your case today.

What Constitutes Check Fraud?

Generally speaking, check fraud refers to the act of issuing a false, forged, or counterfeit check for a financial transaction. Moreover, if an individual issues a check for which they know they do not have sufficient funds, they may be charged with check fraud and prosecuted for fraudulently obtaining property with that bad check. Alternatively, if someone forges the name of another individual on a check, or makes counterfeit checks, he or she may also be charged with check fraud.

Common Penalties

The maximum statutory punishment for check fraud is 14 years of incarceration. However, it is unlikely that an individual will face this maximum penalty for a first-time charge. Their lesser punishment will be determined through an examination of what they received as a result of issuing the check, the amount of the issued check, the number of funds in their possession, and their ability to make the other party financially whole again. A skilled Michigan check fraud lawyer can assist individuals facing these penalties through aggressive legal representation in court. Reach out to a seasoned attorney to learn more.

Preparing for a Consultation with a Lawyer

If the charged individual is speaking with an experienced Michigan check fraud lawyer regarding an instance in which they allegedly issued a check for which they had insufficient funds, they should have their account information available. This would include the amount that they believed was in their account when they issued the check, as well as the amount that was actually in their account at the time.

If the charged individual is speaking with a weathered Michigan check fraud lawyer regarding an instance in which they allegedly issued a check in someone else’s name, they should have any information regarding the account or accounts involved in the transaction ready. If they did not issue the allegedly fraudulent check, they should have any information available that may help to establish that fact.

Speak with a Michigan Check Fraud Lawyer Today

If an individual is not in the position to be able to pay back a bad check, they should immediately contact a knowledgeable Michigan check fraud lawyer who can begin negotiating on their behalf with all involved parties. Such negotiation may involve the structuring of a payment plan to make restitution and avoid the filing of charges. The viability of such negotiations is dependent upon the amount for which the check was issued, and the discrepancy between that amount and the issuer’s available funds. However, any individual who is concerned that they may be charged with check fraud should contact a reliable Michigan check fraud lawyer as soon as possible in order to discuss potential consequences and begin working toward a resolution that is favorable to all parties.