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Michigan Gun Charges

While both federal and state laws protect the rights of individuals to possess and carry firearms, there are limits to those rights. Similar to other states, Michigan has established various legal restrictions related to firearms possession and usage.

These laws may include prohibitions on who may carry firearms and where you may carry firearms and how you may use them. Violating any of these laws may result in criminal consequences.
Any type of Michigan gun charges related to firearms possession and usage may carry severe penalties. Getting advice from a gun defense lawyer may be essential to avoiding these unwanted consequences.

Firearm Restrictions on Individuals with Felony Convictions

State and federal law place restrictions on the gun rights of individuals convicted of a felony offense. Some of these individuals may be able to restore their gun rights by meeting certain conditions after the expiration of a mandated waiting period. Those who violate these restrictions could face felony gun charges in Michigan, which may result in as much as a five-year prison sentence.

Prohibitions of Guns in Certain Places in Michigan

Michigan state law typically prohibits individuals from possessing guns in certain locations. This may include banks, churches, courts, theatres with a seating capacity in excess of 2500, and sports arenas. Other prohibited locations may include day care centers, hospitals, bars, and casinos. There are some exemptions in these types of Michigan gun laws for certain individuals, which may include peace officers and individuals who have concealed carry licenses.

Michigan Compiled Laws §750-237a also makes it illegal to carry guns in weapon-free school zones. This may include school buildings, playing fields, property used for school functions, and school buses. Carrying firearms in one of these locations can result in misdemeanor Michigan gun charges.

Restrictions on the Usage of Firearms

Michigan state law prohibits brandishing firearms in public, which may include pointing, waving about, or displaying firearms with the intent to cause another fear. An exception may be placed for peace officers and individuals lawfully acting in self-defense. It is also illegal to aim, point, or discharge a firearm toward another without malice. While all of these offenses are misdemeanors, they do carry the potential for a jail sentence.

Gun charges in Michigan become far more serious when they involve the discharge of a firearm that endangers another or causes them to suffer injury or death. Under MCL §750.234a, it is a felony offense to intentionally discharge a firearm from a vehicle that endangers or causes injury to another. This may include fatal injuries. It is also a felony to intentionally discharge a firearm at a dwelling or potentially occupied structure whether it is not occupied at the time or not.

All the potential penalties for these gun offenses in Michigan may include significant prison terms and fines. These penalties could increase substantially if the offenses result in serious injury, impairment of a bodily function, or death.

Learning More about Gun Charges in Michigan from an Attorney

A range of Michigan gun charges may result in both misdemeanor and felony offenses depending on the circumstances. Criminal convictions on such charges could result in a lengthy sentence of incarceration that may be lengthy, in addition to fines and other penalties. Getting the advice of an experienced gun defense lawyer could be crucial to protecting your rights.

Since every case is different, seeking legal advice when you need it most could be key to your defense against gun charges in Michigan. Do not hesitate to seek the counsel of a knowledgeable attorney when you are facing gun-related charges, regardless of the situation.