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Michigan Sex Crimes Lawyer

When it comes to the social stigma, shame and life-altering effects of a criminal conviction, few can rival those stemming from sexual-related offenses. Mere accusations of such crimes can wreak havoc on entire families, leaving individuals to pick up the pieces and attempt to move on with life.

Because crimes in this category are so very sensitive and the ramifications of conviction so severe, anyone accused of a sex offense needs to secure aggressive defense counsel as soon as possible.

A skilled legal practitioner will work tirelessly to reduce or secure dismissal of pending charges, or when that is impossible, argue for significant mitigation of potential penalties, which can include lengthy imprisonment, massive monetary fines, extended probation and more.

The truth of the matter is that in trying times, a Michigan sex crimes defense lawyer can be an accused individual’s greatest ally in safeguarding their personal liberty and asserting their right to fair treatment in the courts. En Español.

Sex Crimes in Michigan

Because crimes of a sexual nature can have profoundly devastating effects on their victims, Michigan takes the charges extremely seriously, meting out severe punishments for those convicted of committing them.

As provided within Mich. Comp. Laws § 750.520, individuals found guilty of certain types of sex crimes are often subject to terms of imprisonment that extend into decades, sometimes even for life. Commonly charged offenses that warrant attention from a sex crimes attorney in Michigan include:

  • Criminal sexual conduct, including rape, child molestation and statutory rape
  • Child pornography
  • Pandering
  • Accosting of a minor
  • Prostitution

Being found guilty of one or a series of these crimes can result in lasting damage, which can include lengthy terms of incarceration, crippling financial penalties and mandatory placement on the sex offender registry.

In addition to the statutorily provided punishments, convictions within this classification of crimes can cause untold, possibly permanent harm to future employment prospects, custodial rights, professional licensure, social standing and personal relationships.

Defending Sex Crime Allegations

Anyone who has ever faced a sex crimes charge will attest to the fear, uncertainty, and confusion that inevitably follow. Some may even feel that they have no viable defense options, given the delicate nature of the accusations lodged against them, especially if the alleged victim has not yet reached the age of majority.

In terms of building a strong defense in the face of pending charges, it is crucial that all statements made by the accuser and any witnesses be given a comprehensive review so that inconsistencies may be revealed. It will also be necessary for the personal history to be examined closely by a Michigan sex crimes lawyer in order to spot prior tendencies toward fabrication or exaggeration of events.

Furthermore, it is essential for all relevant electronic communications, forensic evidence and medical records to be studied in order to increase the likelihood of acquittal, or at the very least a reduction of the charges.

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If you have been charged with a sex crime, do not permit feelings of hopelessness and doubt prevent you from securing the legal defense you deserve. Effective help is, in fact, available from experienced practitioners who understand how to get positive results. To learn how a Michigan sex crimes attorney with our firm can champion your cause and protect your rights, contact us today.