Michigan Sex Crime Charges

Michigan legislation uses the term, Criminal Sexual Conduct, in order to refer to a broad scope of sex crime charges. Each charge is defined under statute MCL 750.520a. This includes sexual contact, which would be the intentional touching of a person’s intimate parts or the intentional touching of things that are covering their intimate parts without consent especially if it is for the purpose of sexual arousal, gratification or done for a sexual purpose or in a sexual manner for things like revenge, to humiliate someone, or because a person is angry.

The other aspect of criminal sexual conduct, or Michigan sex crimes, is sexual penetration, which has a very broad definition including sexual intercourse, cunnilingus, fellatio, anal intercourse, or upper penetrations. Contact a Michigan sex crimes lawyer if you are facing any charges of this nature to begin building a defense immediately.

Degrees of Criminal Sexual Conduct

There are four degrees of Criminal Sexual Conduct with four separate penalties. There are a few other sections that also include other actions to include urination in public, which can, in Michigan, put somebody on the sexual offender registry. As well as intentional touching and sexual penetration, there are other issues as well. These include things like assault with intent to commit Criminal Sexual Conduct as well as causing, enticing, or soliciting a child for immoral purposes, and gross indecency, possessing child sexually abusive material, and indecently exposing oneself.

These degrees range from rape, which is a first-degree charge, down to lesser sexual acts.

Fourth-degree charges include things that have been considered a little less serious when we get down to things that are misdemeanors, like when we are talking about having sexual intercourse between a person of 13 and 16 years of age and the actor is five years or older.

There are several deciding elements of the sex crime charge. These include:

  • the level of coercion involved
  • whether or not somebody is in a position of authority
  • threat of violence
  • actual physical force or violence.

Each factor plays into how the crime will be charged and penalized. The severity of the alleged act lessons as the degrees go down.

Additionally, there are other statutory provisions that deal with other sex crimes, such as sexual intercourse in public, which is considered gross indecency.

How an Attorney Can Help

One of the big expectations that a Michigan sex crimes lawyer can meet is that the defendant has somebody he or she can communicate with. Their attorney can be somebody that a person can talk to, somebody that that person can understand that they are on your side instead of just being another prosecutor or voice against you.

It is important for a defendant to feel that they have a connection with, but also somebody who understands the law and will defend them vigorously. Most defendants charged with a sex crime want a lawyer who is going to be able to explain to not only the prosecutor but any other advocates for victims that that person has somebody there representing him or her.

In the end, an attorney can be a person who cares about you and indicates to others that you are worth being cared about. The accusation alone should not completely destroy a person’s life or any credibility that you have developed up to that point but somebody who also has some level of credibility in the field as well.