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Common Michigan Sex Crimes

The majority of sex crimes in Michigan are felony charges. As a result, these offenses are treated incredibly seriously by everyone from witnesses, to potential jurors, to all the other parties involved. This is because sex crimes are often incredibly difficult for the alleged victim to discuss, as the crime usually involves an individual taking advantage of them physically, mentally, or emotionally.

If you have been charged with a sex crime in Michigan, it is important that you consult with an attorney as soon as possible. An experienced lawyer may be able to mount a defense to help reduce or dismiss any consequences you may be facing.

Examples of Sex Crimes

The majority of sex crimes in Michigan come under the Criminal Sexual Conduct statutes. Number one is a crime in the first degree, which is rape. There, an individual will be facing a felony charge with penalties to include life without parole, a minimum of 25 years in prison, and lifetime GPS tether and sex offender registration. This is the most serious common sex crime that occurs in Michigan.

Besides rape, other crimes that are classified under the Criminal Sexual Conduct statute include types of actions in the lesser degrees to include things like statutory rape, which attorneys do not actually have a provision for. Again, it is covered under CSC or Criminal Sexual Conduct.

As the crimes evolve down toward charges of inappropriate touching, the crimes begin to dwindle from a felony charge to a misdemeanor charge. An individual will also take a look at differences in penalties not only related to time spent in jail or prison, but also differences such as registering on the national registry for sex offenders and any electronic monitoring as far as GPS tracking for life.

Those penalties are flushed out as an individual goes down the scale, but also they have to take a look and see what is the actual common Michigan sex crime that is alleged. This is because, under Michigan law, various actions separate under the Criminal Sexual Conduct degrees and they do not always relate to the way that an individual will think of sexual assault or sexual battery.

Negative Connotations

Each one of the common sex crimes in Michigan, from rape to crimes such as pedophilia, have a very negative stereotype. In many ways, that is to the detriment of the defendant because when people look at these crimes, they see the charge almost as much as they see the person sitting there being accused of it.

That is one of the difficulties that defense attorneys encounter when they are dealing with any common sex crimes case in Michigan. An individual on trial in most cases is supposedly presumed innocent, however, in sex crimes cases, it is almost as if the individual is presumed guilty until they are proven innocent. Even then, for many people, it is the allegation alone that will be enough for them to face significant and serious consequences even if they are somehow later acquitted.