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Penalties of a Michigan Sex Crime Conviction

The penalties for a sex crime conviction in Michigan are great and are carried out both in the court as well as an individual’s personal life. Lives can be destroyed very quickly by just simply the mere accusation that somebody has committed a sex crime. It is very important that a person has a Michigan sex crimes attorney to sit down with who will treat them as a human being and with empathy.

Types of Penalties

There are many different types of penalties that a person may face depending on what Michigan sex crime they are convicted of. Depending on the level of the sex crime or other provisions a person is accused under, the penalties are going to vary greatly. Penalties decided by the court can include:

  • Life in prison with or without the possibility of parole
  • GPS monitoring
  • Registration with the Michigan Sex Offender Registry
  • Prohibition from being or living near certain locations such as schools

If a person receives a sentence including GPS monitoring, they would have to wear an ankle bracelet for the rest of his or her life so law enforcement always knows where the individual is.

Collateral Consequences

Additionally, a person will face that stigma of being a sexual offender, no matter how light a person’s penalty or crime was. This social stigma and consequences of a sex crimes conviction in Michigan can affect an individual’s ability to obtain things such as:

  • Loans or student financial aid
  • Housing, especially if renting
  • Employment
  • Security Clearances

Penalties are not just decided by the court, they also continue on towards other realms of a person’s life. Depending on the accusation alone, friends, family, or family of the victims, can turn against the defendant. These that is something that is very difficult for a lot of people to go through.

Finding the Right Attorney

Finding the right attorney is very important for a lot of defendants, because the accusation carries unfortunately a very negative stigma. Our firm understands that a person wants somebody he or she feels comfortable with describing a lot of the testimony that is going to come forward in these types of cases because it is going to be of a sexual nature.

Some attorneys will not deal with these cases for because they do not want to put themselves or the defendant in a position where they already believe the defendant is guilty. An individual needs to go a firm that has an open mind, who can work reasonably with that person to establish a defense and who has been there before defending people in the same circumstances because these are very difficult cases as far as just the general perception.

An individual is going to want an attorney who he or she feels confidence in disclosing his or her sexual activities, discussing very intimate facts in relation to any potential victims, as well as any other accusations made by other people.

These cases can be very complex and there is a lot of penalties for a sex crimes convictions in Michigan, not just criminally but also personally. It is very important that they have an attorney that understands all of those penalties and is willing to put forth their best and stand beside somebody who is accused and that is very important in this field.