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Michigan Student Defense Lawyer

If you are a college student facing criminal charges, you will need experienced legal assistance to help you look out for your best interests. Even a momentary lapse in judgment during this pivotal time in your life can lead to serious consequences. A permanent criminal record can detrimentally affect your future professional and academic opportunities.

In addition to the immediate legal consequences of a criminal conviction, college students being investigated for criminal actions are often also subject to penalties from their schools’ disciplinary boards. An experienced defense attorney can help you defend yourself in both of these situations. Michigan student defense lawyers can represent you in both criminal and disciplinary proceedings and will help you ensure you have the best possible strategy to protect your future. En Español.

Common Campus Crimes

For many students, college is the first time they are able to be independent. Drug and alcohol use can be common on most campuses, and students often get carried away or succumb to peer pressure, engaging in behavior that is out of character.

Most criminal charges faced by student defendants are not the result of premeditated plans, but rather the result of a young person getting carried away. However, even a temporary lapse in good judgment can result in serious criminal penalties. A student defense attorney in Michigan has successfully defended students accused of a variety of crimes, including:

  • Drug Crimes
  • Date Rape
  • Sex Crimes
  • Domestic Violence
  • Drug Possession
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Assault

As a result, students facing criminal charges often find themselves caught up in concurrent disciplinary proceedings that can permanently affect their career paths, regardless of the outcome of their legal problems. An attorney with experience representing students in these types of situations will be able to help their clients best present their cases to the disciplinary board to argue for leniency and understanding.

Benefits of an Attorney

The effect of a criminal conviction for college students is two-fold – not only do they face the immediate consequences of being found guilty of a crime, including serious jail time and steep fines, but they must also consider the effects a criminal record will have on their future opportunities. A student’s criminal conviction may result in mandatory counseling, academic probation, or even expulsion from their school. In addition, most convictions must be disclosed to future academic programs, licensing boards, and professional associations, often with harmful effects.

Students who are found guilty of a number of offenses are ineligible for financial aid and honors programs. Nonetheless, a student defense attorney will often be able to discover ways to allow their clients to avoid the consequences of a conviction. An experienced Michigan student defense lawyer who understands all that is at stake for student defendants can be mindful of their client’s future opportunities while balancing what is in their immediate best interests to craft a defense strategy that maximizes their chances of avoiding a conviction.

Contacting a Student Defense Attorney

If you are a student who has been accused of criminal activity, you should contact an experienced attorney immediately to protect your future. Ensure that you understand the charges against you and your legal rights before speaking to law enforcement or your school board.

An experienced attorney will not only represent students in the courtroom, but also in private proceedings before their college’s disciplinary boards. Every school expects its students to abide by an academic code of conduct, and most criminal behavior violates these codes. Michigan student defense lawyers will do everything they can to help protect the opportunities you have worked so hard for.